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Look No. 436

Lovely Knots Fortune Cookie Necklace

Step 1
Cut a 175cm piece of Lovely Knots cord.   Thread on your pendant and slide it along to the centre of the cord.  To begin the Prosperity knot, take 5 pins and secure the cord to your pin board as shown.  The two pins next to the pendant are not essential but do help keep the pendant in place.

Step 2
Take the left-hand cord to the right, make a long loop.  Add two pins to anchor in place

Step 3
Now take the right-hand cord (you’ll be working with this cord from now on) and pass it under the top right loop.  Tweezers or pliers are helpful!

Step 4
Keep bring the same cord down to your left, passing it under the next two cords.  Make half a right ‘U’ turn, pass it over the bottom cord then secure using the pin already in place.

Step 5
Complete the right ‘U’ turn and then pass it under the bottom right loop. Pin in place.
Step 6
Make a left turn with the cord.  Weave it up to the left by passing it over the nearest cord, under the 2nd, over the third and under the 4th.

Step 7
To complete the knot make a left ‘U’ turn around the top left pin.  Again using a weaving action, pass it over the nearest cord, under the 2nd, over the 3rd under the 4th  and over the 5th.

Step 8
Before unpinning and tightening the knot, check that all the overs and unders are correct.   Remove all the pins and tighten evenly.  To ensure that the lattice appearance is retained, use strong glue where the cords overlap.  Alternatively you can use cotton to stitch the crossing cords in place.

Step 9
Now you can add the Coin knots.  Make a counterclockwise loop, then a right ‘U’ turn.  Pin in place as shown.

Step 10
Pass the cord to the left, over the 1st loop. Then make a left turn, around the top left pin but under the strand it is holding in place.

Step 11
Bring the cord to the right then weave it through the existing loops so that is runs over, under, over and under.

Step 12
Ensure that you have the correct overs and unders, remove the pins and tighten.  If you wish you can glue or stitch the knot.  Add 2 or 3 additional Coin knots to this side then repeat with the other strand.

Step 13
This photo shows the positioning of the first Coin knots.

Step 14
The simplest way to finish your necklace is by creating a loop on one strand and adding a bead to the other.  A good alternative is a sliding button knot.

You don't have to add a pendant: You can adapt to your style and taste!