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Well, it’s been a busy trip to HSE in Germany – I had 4 shows with the Christmas embossing boards, and they really seemed to love them over here! Here’s a picture of my table backstage – you can see some of the samples – they’ve all been made in traditional colours, because that’s what’s popular over here in Germany.

Lots of the samples are adaptations from projects on the Christmas DVD. This basket is one of my favourite projects – it’s actually really easy to make, because it’s just based on the expanding box principle but with extra gussets at the side – it makes a great centrepiece for a table, it doesn’t have to be done just for christmas - i’ve done it before in pinks and purples and it looked lovely!

Then this is one of my favourite ‘advanced’ cards that you can do on the Ultimate. For anyone who’s not tried it before, it’s made from 2 sheet’s of A4 card (cut down to A5) and then i’ve decorated it using the Christmas embossing boards. You can see the holly leaf borders down the side – they emboss so well onto pearlescent card – the card i’ve used in all of these samples is the Christmas Centura Pearl card pack and the holly design printed on the background has been printed onto snow white card (it’s in the Christmas pack or available on it’s own) and the design is from the Vintage Christmas CD.

I also did a version of the project we did at the 2009 Craftaganza, which is an envelobox with a spiral christmas tree inside – it’s really easy to make, for the tree design, simply cut a circle, then mark the centre and cut around in a spiral until you reach the centre. Then make a pulley in the centre with a piece of ribbon and embellish. Then you need to stick down the outer ring only, and I find it works well in a 6” square envelobox (which is made from cardstock that’s 24.5x24.5cm – if you don’t have big enough card, you can make a 5”square one which comes from A4) – all the sizes are in the Ultimate instruction booklet.

I also just wanted to show these flowers – they are just some cheap faux-flowers that I had lying about the house, but I sprayed them with iridescent spray and sparkle and they came out fab! Over in Germany they are really into home decor, and flower arranging, so I wanted to show some other ways you could use the glitter sprays than just in papercraft, and these were just one of the ideas that I HAD to post to show you!

Now onto the social side of my visit...! Here’s a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ picture from inside HSE – they use predominantly robotically operated camera’s so it’s not as fun as at Ideal where you’ve got the camera-people to chat to, but then given that I don’t speak any German it probably hasn’t made much of a difference!

Once a month they have what’s called a ‘Bastelparty’ which is translated as a ‘Craft Party’ (and it’s usually the Bastelparties that I come over for) and they have half a dozen ‘Craft Experts’ on throughout the day, and while we’re not on showcasing our products, they have us sit at a table and craft with the other products. It’s great for me, because I get to try out lots of different crafts – i’ve been doing flower arranging, and sewing, and making christmas decorations...! This time was the first visit for my friend from Denmark – Karen Marie – her products are distributed in Germany by Rayher – the same company who distribute our products, so i’ve got to know her well over the past few years. Here she is sitting at the craft table doing some embossing with the Christmas boards, and also Gunter who was my presenter in the 1pm airing.

The ADT (which is their equivalent of a Pick of the Day) was a kit with fabric flowers and gems in, and so I was crafting with that kit all day. I made all sorts of different things – decorated little boxes, baubles for the Christmas tree, a T-shirt, neclace and all sorts! One of the things I was particuarly pleased with was this lovely little bracelet (which I brought home with me J ) and i’ve decided to give it away to one of our blog readers! All you have to do is leave a comment after this post and we’ll pick one of the comments at random and send you the bracelet!

Also, I wanted to show you the ‘other me’ – this is Veronica, she is the translator who works with me in Germany. It’sd fantastic if you see any of hte shows, it’s all recorded live, and as im talking they turn down the volume on me, and Veronica translates in real time what i’m saying. It’s such a skill, I don’t know how she does it (especially the speed at which I can talk!) but it works really well – i’m always telling people about this mystery lady behind the scenes on my HSE shows, so I thought it was about time you could see who she was!

Well, thats all my gossip from Germany – I hope the samples have been inspirational for anyone who already has the embossing boards!

Sara xxxx

5 thoughts on “HSE TRIP”

  • WOW I'm first to comment. That bracelet is just goregous. Thanks for the chance to win. Kathleen x

  • Some gorgeous samples there - sounds like you're have a fun but busy time in Germany. The flowers look stunning sprayed with the irridiscent spray. And the bracelet looks gorgeous!Love, Andrea xx

  • I love to see Christmas colours! Gorgeous!

  • I am glad it went so well in Germany but then with such great products you were bound to be a hit. Thank you for sharing the idea of spraying the flowers with the iridescent spray and sparkle it has given me a great idea for my Christmas table centre piece this year.

  • Looks like you had a great time. A Lovely way to spend the day. Now that gorgeous braclet must really be mine 'cos it's purple and I am Purple Crazy. Watching you on C&C right now, is your voice going to last the show ??

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