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Update from across the pond!

Hello everyone! I'm just sitting in my hotel room in Seattle and I had half an hour before my meeting kicked off so I thought i'd post a little update about my travels!
Firstly, Seattle is absolutely gorgeous! It's the first time i've been, and I must say it feels quite 'European' (that's probably the dodgy weather making me think that!). I was going to take a picture from my room window and post it, but it's not that exciting, so here's a better one i've found... (my view is *almost* the same as this one!)

We landed around lunchtime yesterday after a 10 hour flight from Amsterdam - we had a little wander around the nearby streets (we're staying in downtown Seattle) and had Sushi for dinner mid-afternoon. I started to feel tired around 5ish (well, in all fairness that was 1am according to my body clock) so we headed back to the hotel and Simon went to play on the golf simulator in the hotel while I had a nice relaxing bath.
You've got to see this... I went to run the bath in the hotel, and it's a free-standing bath and the turner bit for the tap was on wall, but I couldn't for the life of me work out where the water would come from... so I turned on the tap, and to my amazement it started running from the ceiling! I just had to take a picture to show you!!
Anyway, it was a lovely bath, and I managed to stay awake to about 6:30, then I had to cave in and go to bed! I did manage to sleep through until 4ish, (and then after half an hour went back to sleep til 8ish) so hopefully that should combat any jet-lag!
My meeting starts in abour half an hour, and it's a pretty jam-packed weekends agenda. Then on Sunday afternoon we're flying over to Cleveland for 3 more days of meetings so it's really going to be a busy week!
It's also really busy for everyone back at the office - we've been really busy with the website these past few days, so some of the staff have been working overtime to make sure orders were still being processed quickly so that no-one was kept waiting for their goodies! And we're only a week away now from Birthday week, so we're all busy preparing for that - it promises to be a good one!
I promise to keep you all updated via my twitter feed even if I don't get chance to make another post while I'm away! Take care and I hope everyone has a great weekend! Sara xxx

4 thoughts on “Update from across the pond!”

  • oh you lucky thing it looks gorgeous there maybe next time if you need the company you could give me a ring lol sorry but as they say don't ask don,t get lol xx

  • o wow its brilliant there,never been abroad so its nice to see photos like this, have fun as well as work,HugsAngie

  • Wow the bath is amazing, looks like a great place. Hope you find some time for some R&R and not all work.Pam xx

  • Wow Sara what a fantastic view,how lovely to see all these places hope its not all work and you have some time for yoursleves.I had to smile at the bath Rob my husband is a plumber I will have to show him I doubt very much he has seen or even fitted at bath that fill's up from the ceiling.Julie x

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