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Sara’s update from HSN

Well, i’ve just got back into my hotel room, and even though i’m running on pure adrenalin (only had a couple of hours sleep!) I wanted to update you on my travels before I crawled back into bed for a few hours extra kip!

It’s been a busy month for me on the whole – I was in Seattle for the CHA board meeting at the beginning of the month, then Cleveland for meetings, then I was over in Germany for HSE shows, nipped over to France last weekend, and now here I am in Tampa (Florida) for a couple of airings at HSN then i’m flying over to Houston to spend a day at the quilt show before heading home in time for the NEC. Phew – i’ll probably meet myself coming back one of these days!!!

So we flew yesterday morning from Newcastle – here’s Simon (my hubby) sitting in the lounge in Newcastle airport – bless him, he’s flown straight to Houston for the show, and even though he could have taken a direct flight from Amsterdam, he chose to fly with me to Atlanta, we both went our separate ways – so not only did he have an extra 5 hours journey than he needed, but he had to put up with me on the plane jabbering on for hours (you know I like to talk!) then snoozing on his shoulder for goodness knows how long!

Anyway, I landed about 9pm last night (which is like 2am according to my body clock!) and headed straight to the studio’s to set up, then I got back to the hotel for a couple of hours kip. Up at 2am for a quick shower and hairwash then over to the Studio’s for hair and makeup at 3. It’s such a treat having someone spend ages making you look pretty (even if it is in the middle of the night and you’re half asleep!)

I was on air for 9 minutes at 5:45 with the Top Score and Enveloper kit – it’s such a great holiday gift so it’s really perfect this time of year. It was a great airing and I really enjoyed working with the host. Sometimes they upload the video a couple of days later to the product – you can see it on HSN’s website here: and even if they don’t upload it, you can see the one from last time!

Here’s a pic of the studio just as I was about to go on air...

And it was great to see some familiar faces – people I haven’t caught up with in a while. Here’s us just after we came off air – that’s Beth in the middle – she’s the Xyron demonstrator (you might have seen her on Ideal World before – she came over once last year) and then that’s Donna on the end – she’s the 3birds demonstrator on HSN – the girls are so much fun to hang out with – we’re all going to meet for dinner tonight (really early though, because we’ve all got to be up early again for airings on Sunday morning!)
Anyway, enough from me – im going to crawl into bed for a few hours kip and then i’ve got a busy day of work lined up catching up from all the time i’ve missed out of the office! No rest for the wicked!

Sara xxx

7 thoughts on “Sara’s update from HSN”

  • OMG girl, one of these days you will stand still!!!! don't know how you do it, love seeing these photos giving us an insight in to the world of Shopping TV.Bless Simon what a sweetie he is, give him a hug from me when you catch up with him lol!!!Jac xxxx

  • Sara how do you do it, you make me tired just reading about it. But its lovely to see what you are doing and it must be nice to see so many places around the world, even if its in abit of a whirl wind.Pam xx

  • Gosh I don't know how you fit it all in. I hope you get to have some time at home soon to relax.

  • Wow just how do you do it lol your body clock can't possibly know which time zone it is in!!! Great to see the behind the scenes photos and to meet the hubby of course.Kim xXx

  • I love when you post from the road! That gives me such a good sense of one day in the life of Sara!

  • What a life you live Sara and aren't you lucky to have such a supportitve husband. Thanks for sharing a little piece of it with us.Pinky

  • oh Sara this makes me miss you guys already! SO good to be with you this weekend!

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