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Slice Elite - now available at Crafter's Companion!

Let me introduce you to the new Slice Elite, which is now available at Crafter's Companion. The Slice Elite is now much more precise when it cuts, so your die-cuts look much cleaner, it cuts up to 40% faster, and believe me it definately does I was amazed! AND it can cut through thicker materials (up to twice as thick! believe it or not). The Slice Elite works with all your Design Cards and Accessories .

I decided to check out the claims that the Slice Elite makes in in terms of being more precise, making cleaner cuts, being faster and cutting thicker materials, and guess what, it's all true!.

I've taken some photographs of my experiment to share with you. Here you can see the original pink slice and the new slice elite side by side.

First appearances show no difference apart from the word Elite on the grey hood of the machine on the right.

I selected the same image and size for both machines to cut from the basic elements cartridge which comes with the machine.

The Slice Elite cut the image in about half the time, it also has a much smoother, re-assuring sound when cutting, its not as "grindy", and when you compare the two, the image cut from the Slice Elite is far more precise and cleaner than the one cut from the original Slice.
I hope it's not too hard to see the difference in the photo's, my photography skills are not the best! However, trust me the difference in real life is remarkable.

The image above has been cut with the original Slice and you can see the odd nick and tear where it has cut, but not all that cleanly.

The image below shows the same image cut with the Slice Elite, and hopefully you can see how clean the cut is.

The difference in detail which can be achieved between the two is also quite remarkable, I continued cutting out some words and shapes and you can see some of the comparison's below.

Look at the central tail of the "F" and how the letters on the bottom shape are not as rounded as the ones above. The bottom shape was cut with the Elite.
On the swirls below the flourish has been cut from the noteworthy cartridge, and there is a definite difference in precision of the shape on the right, which has been cut with the Elite.

I've also cut some funky foam that making memories sell, and some fusible web, to decorate napkins for Christmas, and tonight I am going to have a go with grunge paper! - I'll be back to show you the results soon....
So, after using the new Elite, I've asked myself a few questions:
1. Do I prefer it to the original? - Answer, Yes.
2. Does it cut quicker than the original? - Answer, Yes.
3. It it more precise? - Answer, Yes.
4. Does it cut thicker material than before? - Answer, Yes.
5. Are the cuts accurate every time? - Answer, for me they have been, Yes!
So, the final question is would I buy the new Elite, a resounding YES from me!
Leann Chivers

5 thoughts on “Slice Elite - now available at Crafter's Companion!”

  • oh my goodness I am so glad I didn't buy the original Slice - I did consider it but changed my mind thank goodness. The cuts are rubbish - good job they've improved it, but what a shame for the people who wasted their money on the first one.Glad I chose a Cricut.Ann xxx

  • Hi AnnI have the original Slice, and I love it, the cuts aren't rubbish, but the Elite has improved on them. If you look at the swirl image I’ve cut above it's hard to tell the difference between the original slice and the Elite, you have to look closely, and the difference is there, but the original Slice was and is still worth its place in my craft room, and the money I paid for it. Those who have already bought the Slice have not wasted their money at all in my opinion, and anyone looking at the slice and thinking should I/Shouldn't I, needn't worry as the Elite does it all. I love love love my slice, it has totally revolutionised my crafting, as it’s so portable, takes up a tiny amount of desk space and cuts shapes more than big enough for the cards I want to make, also the design cartridges are very affordable. Not only that but on every single design cartridge you get a full alphabet to match the style/these, which saves me having to buy expensive separate alphabet cartridges. So for me it's the Slice very time, original or Elite :)

  • That was an excellent review Leanne. I have wanted the Slice for a while...but was not to happy with what I cut in a workshop I didn't buy one. You can't beat being able to move a cutter to wear you want it....I think that is the best feature. I want to cut apertures in cards and this would be an excellent addition in my studio.

  • You are a BAD lady!You should have seen Leann and me playing with her original machine in her dining room and her telling me why she loved it! Well, I need no encouragement! The next day, I had one! The good thing is though - I LOVE MINE! If you've seen any of my shows, you'll know I've been around the block (ahem!) a bit with the old die cutters, but what I especially love about this machine is that it's small enough for even me to clear a space for in the middle of a creative frenzy! If it was too big, I wouldn't bother, I'd do without or find an alternative to stick on. I also love the fact that it's rechargeable. A very use-able piece of kit - especially when you're making a lot of cards in a limited time period. 10 out of 10 from me. (And mine's the elite:-))x

  • I've got the original and I love it! I love the fact that it is so small and compact as space is always at a premium in my room. As Leann says the alphabets are fantastic. The Elite sounds great but I'm still happy with my original. x

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