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Club Inspire

Behind the Scenes in our US Office...

Hey everyone

As many of you will know, Simon and I have been over in Florida for the past week as I’ve had shows on HSN and then we’ve been spending a few days in our Orlando office. I figured you always hear so much about our office in the UK and our staff back at home, that it would be nice to show you behind the scenes here for a change!

Firstly, us two gatecrashers have had to do with a ‘put me up desk’ over here lumped right in the middle of the office! (and yes you are seeing right in the background there, they do have a darts board in the office! I can tell you it’s not like that back home!)

Then meet Josey – she’s our head of customer services over here...

And here’s Lee (the boss!)

And Mindy (the big, big boss!) – you might recognise some of these guys from our Christmas Cards the past couple of years.

And this is Tinker – Mindy’s little dog who likes to come into work too (although she’s really slow at packing orders!)

And this is the warehouse, and Silvia (who was in the middle of packing the orders while I was busy taking photo’s!) and yes that’s Simon on the phone in the background!

Anyway, we’re leaving in a few hours and taking the overnight flight back home – should arrive back into Newcastle around 4pm and the a quick turnaround for me as I’m on the 6:20 train down to Peterborough ready for some fun shows on Sunday starting at 11am!

Signing off for now, Sara xx

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