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Club Inspire

Mother's Day Hanging Plaque

Today's blog project comes from one of our talented Design Team members, Pam Leng. She's designed this beautiful hanging plaque that is just perfect for Mother's Day (April 3rd!).
You will need:

1. Firstly, print out the a backing paper, one decoupage design, a pyrimage design and a set of tea bag papers from the CD. Cut out and build up your decoupage and pyrimage. Fold your teabag papers into a rosette.

Next, using your Centura Pearl card, cut out six scalloped circles using the Spellbinders Big Scalloped circles.

2. Cut out three circles from your backing paper, using the Spellbinders Standard Large circles.
3. Stick your circles of backing paper to three of your scalloped circles. Using Collall Photoglue for this gives you some moveability and dries nice and flat.
4. Stick your decoupage and folded teabag to the remaining three scalloped circles, using Photoglue. If you wish, you may like to add a backing paper behind the teabag fold design - simply cut another circle from your circles Spellbinders.

5. Lay out the scalloped circles with the backing paper on, upside down on a flat surface, making sure the pattern on the paper is going in the same direction and that the scalloped circles are an equal distance apart. Put two strips of double-sided tape on each circle.
6. Take 22 inches of ribbon and fold it in half, with the loop at the top. Stick each side of the ribbon to the double-sided tape, taking just one piece of tape off at a time. This will help ensure that the ribbon is straight and the distance between each circle is equal.
7. Stick the remaining three circles with the decoupage, pyrimage and teabag folds onto these circles, ensuring the images are facing the correct direction. Use Photoglue to adhere them.
8. Print the letters MUM from the CD, using the same design and colour as for the backing papers. Layer these onto some Snow White card, using foam pads to add dimension.
9. Attach the letters to the back of the circles.

This is your completed hanging plaque.
I hope you enjoy making this!

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