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Behind the Scenes on the new DVD shoot

A few weeks ago I had an exciting jam packed day recording a new DVD. Well I can now reveal to you what was on the DVD and give you some ‘behind the scenes’ pics!

I guess when you watch the DVD at home it looks all professional and tip top – but if you could see what I see from in front of the camera, you’d realise it was a whole different kettle of fish!

Before every take we have to use the ‘clapper board’ (yes that is a technical term!) and that’s to synch all the camera’s together for the editor.

Meet Dave – my favourite cameraman! And can you see my table – it wasn’t high enough for me, so 15 minutes before the shoot we had to prop it up on some old books! And I was trying to be neat and tidy not making a mess on the floor so my bin was ready at hand! And if you look carefully in the back of the picture there you’ll see all the projects lined up one by one ready to go!

As you can imagine – it gets pretty hot behind those lights all day!

And I’ll let you into a little secret... That strategically placed line of cans is hiding my little cheat sheets for each project.... you’ll have to watch the video back and tell me if you can spot them at any point!

For a little sneak preview of what’s on the DVD – see the video clip below...

And these new boards and DVD are launching next week as a Pick of the Day on Tuesday evening at 9pm – make sure you tune in to find out more or watch this space for more details coming your way!

Sara xx

14 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes on the new DVD shoot”

  • Fabulous Sara

  • Ooooh! Do I actually see more scorelines? More scorelines means more boxes and more card folds! Love it!

  • I can't wait to do every new project!!!

  • Looks like another must MUST have here!!!

  • oh no will i ever get a chance to save any money lol its looks great sara and as usual will be buying it from your website as soon as its available

  • can we pre-order the dvd & scoreboards from Crafters Companion site?looks very good and interesting

  • OMG .. a need/want .. so a must order then ;) .. Look fabby ( as always x)

  • Looks brilliant! I love the DVDs for all the ideas and to see the demos without the rush of the tv. Will definitely be tuning in and no doubt that the purse will be opened... Thanks for giving us the insider view as well. We'll never watch a DVD in the same way again.

  • Wow these look amazing, the extra scoreboards means more acurate scoring, can't wait to have a play with these. Will be watching on Tuesday and Wednesday in fact might even record all the shows. :)Pam xx

  • Wow! I really, really want. :)I shall be watching the show on Tuesday and will hopefully have enough money left to buy after going to the Alexander Palace on Sunday for the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show.Another fab product Sara. Well Done!!!

  • Sara it all looks great hun - and I'm loving those new lines, and definitely the deeper envolobox board - that's a must have!! :0) xx

  • looks like these will be another great 'must have'tool. Congratulations Sara

  • Sara this is fantastic I really think it's a must have, can't wait .

  • Fabaroonie!Ali x

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