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Club Inspire

Fairy Magic Easel Card

Spread some fairy magic with this stunning easel card by Crafter's Companion Design Team member Nandia Fytraki

You will need:
6x12" pastel purple Centura cardstock
6x6" strong, project acetate
A4 dark purple cardstock
Backing paper from the Fairyopolis CD-ROM (I used Design 11 colour 5 from the Design Sets of the Spring and Summer Fairies CD-ROM)
Decoupage fairy topper (I used one from the Fairyopolis die-cut decoupage but you could print one from the CD-ROM)
Border punch
Crafter's Companion tape pen
Foam pads
Ribbon, paper flower, gems

1. Fold the purple Centura cardstock in half to make a 6x6"-square card blank. Then fold the top flap in half again to create the beginning of an easel card.

2. Open the card, then use the dark purple cardstock and the backing paper to matt and layer the inside of the bottom flap of the card. Stick the 6x6" acetate to the top flap only to complete the easel card.

3. Cut a strip of purple cardstock measuring 6x1 ½” and matt onto a piece of the backing paper. Decorate with a piece of ribbon and fix with foam pads to the bottom part of the card to create the stopper.
From the remaining piece of dark purple cardstock cut a 6" square and punch out a border on one of the sides. Stick it on the top flap, making sure that the punched out border overlaps the acetate to create the illusion that it is hanging in mid-air. Depending on the depth of your punch you might want to adjust the piece of purple cardstock, moving it higher and trimming the excess from the top.

4. Add a piece of the backing paper on the top flap. Decorate with some matching ribbon, the decoupage fairy topper, a flower and a little butterfly. You can use any paper flower but I made the one in the picture from the pieces that were left when I punched out the boarder - I really loved the shapes and I thought it was a shame to throw them away.

5. You can add a little knot and some gems on the stopper or anything else you like.
And here it is...your easel card looks like it is hanging in mid-air. True fairy magic!

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