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Club Inspire

Today's project is brought to us by DT member, Debbie, who is giving us a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to produce a set of mini drawers.

You will need:

Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro
12x12" chipboard sheet
Patterned papers
Double-sided tape
Craft knife/scissors

1. Cut the chipboard sheet into 5 different pieces. You will need four pieces measuring 2 1/4 x 2 3/4" and 1 piece measuring 2 3/4 x 1".

2. Trim a sheet of patterned paper for the lid to measure 6 3/4"-square (seablue in pic). Choose another paper colour then cut two pieces, each measuring 5 15/16 x 5 15/16", for two drawers for the inside (dark brown in pic). You will also need one strip of 11 3/4 x 4" (text patterned paper) and one strip of 10 x 2 10/16" (seablue).

3. Place your longest strip of paper face down and, starting from the left-hand side, place your smallest strip of cardstock onto the paper with double-sided tape. Leave a little gap between each one and place each of the four larger pieces alongside.

4. Put double-sided tape all around the outside of the remaining paper as this needs to be folded over.

5. Fold the corners over first to ensure a neat finish.

6. Fold over all of the sides and make sure you press firmly, making sure your box will bend at each of the spaces between the cardstock.

7. Cover your slightly smaller strip of paper in double-sided tape and place this over the top of the pieces you have just turned over - this gives a neat and perfect finish to the inside of your box.

8. Again, make sure it all folds neatly without any blisters and press down ensuring all the double-sided tape is in place.

9. Line up the paper, corner to corner, on the Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro and mark the centre point.

You will need to repeat steps 9-15 for the inside boxes.

10. Fold each corner in to touch the cente point...

11. Fold each section again using the score board, making sure you stay on the line in the centre. Do the same for each side.

12. Make cuts down two adjacent folds, giving you two sections with side flaps and two without.

13. Fold the sides with the flaps up and bring the folds over into the centre to reinforce the other sides.

14. Now fold the last bit up and over. A little sticky tape on the end of this piece may be needed to hold it in place.

15. Repeat for the other side...

16. Repeat for the two internal drawers...

17. Place a little sticky tape onto one side of each drawer.

18. Stick one drawer onto the bottom of the last section of your box and the other drawer onto the top of the middle section.

19. The lid will be a tight fit at first but this eases up after the first fitting. You need it secure to hold the box together.

20. The bottom drawer should be level with the bottom of the box so that when anything is placed in the drawer it will not sag.

21. The blank drawers have now been done and all that's left is for you to decorate it as you wish. You can add lots of bling, flowers, gems and jewels - even a little stamped image from the new Swalk range, or simply pop a little ribbon around the top!

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