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Club Inspire

Learning Paint Fusion

I'm on a mission to get everyone painting (can you tell that I'm hooked?!) so when Sarah came up for the weekend to record some clips for the Beader’s Companion website (you can read all about how Sarah got on here) I decided she needed to have a change from all the beading she had been doing, so on Saturday evening I taught her how to paint - Paint Fusion style!

Armed with some Pebeo paints, a selection of paint brushes and Paint Fusion stamps I got to work with my next 'student'!

Well, for someone who reckons she's never painted before & didn't know what to do, I think she got on fantastically well & is an absolute natural. It just shows though that you don't have to be arty at all or have experience in painting to be able to master Paint Fusion. It's so easy because you are using stamps to get the outlines of the drawings you're about to paint, you don't need to know how to draw intricate images at all.

I got Sarah painting lavender (from the Simply Sweet stamp set), daisies, and berries - all products that you can get here - and I do believe I've converted yet another friend to the wonderful world of Paint work here is done!

If you want to have a go yourself then pop across to the Paint Fusion section of the Crafter's Companion site. I would definitely recommend the DVD as well, because not only has Sheena got this great gift of being able to guide someone perfectly on how to achieve the different paint strokes required, & it's something you can refer back to time & time again, but you will want to learn more techniques as you progress, such as learning how to paint on actual products - things that are all included on the DVD, so it's a must-have reference guide for you (plus it's also really handy to have it playing whilst you are working as you can pause or rewind to make sure that you understand fully what you need to do!).

As well as putting the pictures up here, I've also added them to Facebook. To keep up to date with all the latest updates you should follow Sarah and myself - that way you will make sure that you never miss a thing!

One thought on “Learning Paint Fusion”

  • I have started this and it is amazing how the paintings turn out if you follow Sheena's tutorials, even my hubby and boys were impressed and they are not usually interested in what I do lolwell done girls Suzanne xxx

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