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Club Inspire

Ultimate Board tutorial video

I was going through all the videos we have done earlier and I came across one done last year on the Ultimate Board. I always think it's good to refer back to product guides and tutorials after I've bought them as it's so easy to forget all the different features that come with them, so I thought I'd share this video with you. We have lots of different videos uploaded onto YouTube so be sure to pop across and take a look as there may be something there that could help you out.

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Board tutorial video”

  • You know you're so right, I love going through my older dvds that I have from Sara! It's so easy to forget some of the fabby tutorials on them. They usually come out around August time, when I'm starting on my "marathon" cardmaking sessions, in readiness for my Christmas cards. Smiles.xx

  • I agree with Karen, these DVD's are like old books, you go back to them time and again and see something you missed the first time around.Linda :)

  • About JollyJilly 6th June 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Sometimes re using books and DVDs can make remember how much fun they were x

  • I have had this ultimate on my list of things to try- I seen a demo at a convention and always knew it would be great.Excellent productblessings to you, Dawn ll

  • Sara has great DVDs and I love them all. As Karen, I do go through them. What I usually do is watching to understand the idea and process of constructing and then it is ever so easy just to make a thing, even to try something new.

  • Susan

    I got the ultimate pro for christmas and got some additional boards but can any please tell me where I can store my additional boards in my ultimate pro when there not in use I have worked out where they go to when using them but not sure where to store them when there not in use.

    Please can anyone help me.


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