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Club Inspire

Threadless sewing

I almost got caught out the other morning when I put on some trousers and it was only when I was about to leave the house that I noticed that the hem was coming down. Do you know what I did? I quickly got out some Fabric Stick & Spray and promptly sprayed the hem back into place. It took me literally a couple of minutes to do...and not a needle or thread was in sight!

If you've never heard of Stick & Spray for fabric then you need to watch this video...

It truly is an amazing product and it has helped me out like this on so many occasions. My friend swears by it as well for all the patchwork projects that she does. There's also an offer on these fabric sprays on the Crafter's Companion site at the moment that you really should take advantage of. They should be normally be £5.99 each, but you can buy a can of the temporary and also a can of the premanent version for just £9.99 as a bundle.

2 thoughts on “Threadless sewing”

  • I have got to say, I have used this a few times since I got it at the NEC. Do you know I love using my fabics now on my cards.. as some so see through so take etc was no good .. LOVE it get it!

  • julie_woolston 3rd July 2011 at 5:49 pm

    I haven't tried this as yet, it's sounds good to me!Julie x

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