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Glue Tape Pens for A sticky situation

Glue Tape Pen

What's the one thing you're always running out of in your craft box? Let me ask that again actually - if you're anything like me, what's the one thing you're always running out of in your craft box?

The answer, of course, is Glue Tape!! It's crazy the amount of the stuff I get through, which is why the new extra long, extra strong glue tape pen is going to become a staple item in my craft stash! The glue tape runner has a number of benefits including:

  • It's a massive 22m (72 feet) long, so there's no need for fiddly refills.
  • Amazing value, super strong double-sided, acid-free and archival safe adhesive
  • Suitable for use on all types of paper and card
  • Strong enough to even make boxes!
  • The comfortable, easy-to-grip glue tape pen can be applied in straight or curved lines
  • Mess and hassle-free.

Make sure you hop across to the Crafter's Companion Website to stock up...and at a teeny tiny price of just £2.99 each you can afford to bulk buy these babies!!

Glue Tape Pen

3 thoughts on “Glue Tape Pens for A sticky situation”

  • I love this Glue Runner - its the best I've ever used and I wouldn't be without it. HugsPenniX

  • This Glue Pen is fabulous!!! I use them all the time and would recommend them to anyone. :)Happy Crafting!!!Lynn X

  • Every time I order something I make sure I put one of these in my basket, I love this stuff it is the best and it is strong :)Suzanne xx

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