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Spray and save!

Do you know just how many varieties of sprays we have over on the Crafter's Companion site? Would you be surprised if I told you that there were 11 different types? If you're unsure of what they all do then I'll list them all below for you

Stick and Spray has revolutionised adhesives and brought them into the 21st century. This handy spray can be used on all kinds of surfaces from rubber to paper and even fabrics. This repositionable adhesive is the answer to all of your problems, from matting and layering and especially when mounting your unmounted stamps. Perfect for use with the Rock-a-Blocks this spray can allow you to reposition your stamps up to 50 times!

Stick Away is a powerful adhesive residue remover for a variety of surfaces including rubber, glass, plastic and china. This product was designed for use with our range of adhesives, but will also work with other sticky things like adhesive labels, plasters, chewing gum and tar. The product should dispense as a scented fine mist and is acid and lignin free.

Stick and Stay is a permanent, repositionable craft adhesive designed for use in all papercrafts, simply stick, adjust and then leave for a perfect bond. It can also be used with some fabrics, cardboard, plastic and polystyrene. The product is acid and lignin free, should dispense as a fine mist and will not mark surfaces.

Spray and Shine is a hard wearing high gloss varnish which forms a protective layer over your papercrafting projects, and is ideal for adding a layer of gloss to home printed decoupage sheets. Spray and Shine dispenses as a fine mist and is acid free and non-toxic.

We've combined a quality satin-finish varnish with ultra-fine glitter to create Spray and Sparkle - a fabulous spray which will add a dazzling seal to your crafting projects! Spray and Sparkle dispenses as a fine glittery mist which is completely acid free and non-toxic, so it's safe to use it with the kids and around the home. Use Spray and Sparkle to enhance finished projects or create your own encapsulated glitter backing paper/card sheets for use in your projects! Available in gold, silver, multicoloured and iridescent.

Spray and Slide is ideal for dry-embossing. Simply spray onto the reverse of the card you wish to emboss and use an embossing tool to glide through the design with ease. Spray and Slide won't mark or stain paper or card. It dispenses as a fine odourless mist and is acid free.

And the reason I'm telling you all about these fab sprays? Well, seeing as we're feeling uber generous this week as it's our birthday I wanted to tell you about the offer we've got going on with all the sprays. They normally cost £5.99 each but you can get 3 for the price of 2 this week. That's right, you can pick any 3 for £11.98, rather than the £17.97 that they would normally cost you. They are honestly the type of product that you wonder how you did your crafting without them so make sure you take advantage of this saving and stock up this week!

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