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Club Inspire

Slider Box Card project

Hey all – well here is the details of my card project from this years Craftaganza – I have to say, it went down an absolute storm with our crafting peeps, and it’s so quick and easy to make! As you can see, I designed this version of the project to fit perfectly the project which everyone made in Sarah’s beading class, but it can be easily adapted to fit tealights, or chocolates, or other small gifts so it’s just PERFECT for Christmas!
For the Drawer: First of all begin by cutting a piece of cardstock to 9½” x 3½” (I used Centura Pearl Snow White Cardstock for this project as it’s perfect for construction and we now have it in A4, A3, 14 x14” and 16" x 16”) and then using the Boxer slotted into place on the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Pro, butt the cardstock against the Box lid side (against the handle). Reading the measurements from the top ruler on the board, score all four sides at ¾”.

Tip: score on the coated side of the cardstock using the smallest head embossing tool from the Ultimate Pro, and fold away with the pearl on the outside of the box.
Fold and burnish the creases using the edge of the tool. To stick the sides together, we used one of the Crafter’s Companion Extra Strong Tape Pens for speed, which works perfectly, and for an extra strong bond I recommended rubbing the corners thoroughly after sticking to create some friction to heat set the glue even better. If you are more of a wet-glue lover, then the new Collall All Purpose Adhesive works perfectly too, and you can hold the corners in place with a peg or paperclip while the glue sets. Your completed drawer size should be 8” x 2”.
For the Card: Cut a piece of Centura Pearl Snow White Cardstock to 16” x 8” (I used the new size 16x16 Centura Pearl Snow White Cardstock and you can get two of these cards from one sheet, by cutting it exactly in half down the centre). Butt the short side against the Box Base side of the Boxer board (which is against where the hinges are on the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Pro) and score at ¼” (this is the second line in). Score, crease and burnish the fold, then butt the creased part back up against the butting edge where the hinges are again and score at ¾”. Crease, burnish, fold and butt again and this time score at 2”, then repeat the process one last time scoring at ¾”. It’s very important to always score, crease, burnish and butt the crease against the hinges each time you score a line, because we are using the measurements on the box base side of the board to create a perfectly sized slider – resist the temptation to score multiple lines at once because this does not give you the space inside the slider for the drawer to move freely. I would recommend popping the drawer into place before sticking the glueing flap firmly into place to make sure everything fits perfectly. We used the Crafter’s Companion Extra Strong Tape Pens again to glue the flap down, but extra strong double-sided tape would work equally well if you prefer. Then, turn the card around to score from the opposite side, and butt against the box lid (handle side) and score at 5”. The card should fold into place. If you find the card is rubbing slightly against the drawer, you may need to trim off a slither to neaten it up.
To decorate the card: In our class we used the Boxer Board to measure out an aperture on the front of the slider part, and we stuck acetate inside (if you’re making an aperture, you need to do this BEFORE you stick the glueing flap down). For the front I matted and layered some Gold mirror card onto another piece of Centura Pearl Snow White Cardstock which had been embossed with the beautiful Butterfly Embossing Folder.
We used a Japanese Screw Punch to punch the holes before matting and layering the top piece to the card using Extra Large Foam pads, but many people in the class chose not to punch the holes because they didn’t want to use the card for their Jewellery (most people said there was no way they were giving away their works of art!). For the top sentiment, I created the design on the computer using a Script font called ‘Edwardian Script’ and if anyone wants to use this same design, then i’ve uploaded the sheet to the Downloads section on our website, within the Craftaganza category, which you can access by clicking here.
I hope you find these instructions easy to follow, and for those of you who weren’t at our Craftaganza event, and have a go at this project, be sure to let us know how you got on!

For more pictures from Craftaganza 2011, why not check out the album on the Crafter's Companion UK Facebook page?
Happy Crafting until next time! Sara xx

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