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Club Inspire

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Well I decided to really challenge everyone at Craftaganza this year and embark on an epic project to construct a full advent calendar! Don’t worry, I didn’t expect everyone to be able to construct the whole thing in our class of only 1h45min! But everyone did manage to successfully complete the top half and we had one or two people come back to finish their project on the evening! I promised everyone I’d include instructions on our blog, so here we go...

To create the drawer: Cut a piece of cardstock to 5” x 4” (we used Centura Pearl Snow White Cardstock in the class because it is ideal for construction as it’s 310gsm and scores beautifully on the Ultimate and we now have it in A4, A3, 14" x 14” and 16" x 16”) and then using the Boxer slotted into place on the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Pro, butt the cardstock against the Box lid side (against the handle) and reading the measurements from the top ruler on the board, score all 4 sides at 1”.
Tip: score on the coated side of the cardstock using the smallest head embossing tool from the Ultimate Pro, and fold away with the pearl on the outside of the box. Fold and burnish the creases using the edge of the tool. To stick the sides together, we used one of the Crafter’s Companion Extra Strong Tape Pens for speed, which works perfectly, and for an extra strong bond I recommended rubbing the corners thoroughly after sticking to create some friction to heat set the glue even better. If you are more of a wet-glue lover, then the new Collall All Purpose Adhesive works perfectly, and you can hold the corners in place with a peg or paperclip while the glue sets. Your completed drawer size should be 3” x 2”.
For the Slider: Cut a piece of Centura Pearl Snow White Cardstock to 3” x 8”. Butt the short side against the Box Base side of the Boxer board (which is against where the hinges are on the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Pro) and score at 2”. Score, crease and burnish the fold, then butt the creased part back up against the butting edge where the hinges are again and score at 1”. Crease, burnish, fold and butt again and this time score at 2”, then repeat the process one last time scoring at 1”. It’s very important to always score, crease, burnish and butt the crease against the hinges each time you score a line, because we are using the measurements on the box base side of the board to create a perfectly sized slider – resist the temptation to score multiple lines at once because this does not give you the space inside the slider for the drawer to move freely. I would recommend popping the drawer into place before sticking the glueing flap firmly into place to make sure everything fits perfectly. We used the Crafter’s Companion Extra Strong Tape Pens again to glue the flap down.
Tip: to help your drawer slide easily inside the slider, you can spray the edges with our Spray & Slide Embossing Lubricant. You need to create 24 of these boxes, and stick them together in piles of three. In the class we used then the new Collall All Purpose Adhesive as it gives you time to manoeuvre the pieces into place before it sets and then forms an incredibly strong permanent bond.
To assemble the project: Cut a piece of Card to 5”x5” and then glue four of your stacks of three boxes into place in a circular fashion. You should be left with a small hole in the centre. Then glue another piece of 5”x5” cardstock to the top of the boxes. Again we used the Collall All Purpose Adhesive and be careful not to get glue oozing down the sides of the boxes or in between the stacks as you stick them together as this will stop your drawers from opening freely. Then stick another round of boxes to the top, and again another piece of cardstock on top of these to hold them in place.
To Create the Large box on the top: Because we want a special box for the 25th December, we created a box to fit on top of the whole stack with expanding sides. Begin by cutting a piece of Centura Pearl Snow White Cardstock to 9” x 9” and score on box lid at 2”. In the corners score in half diagonally and then fold the corners inside of the box. For the lid, cut a piece of card to 7⅛”x7⅛” and score again on box lid at 1” on all four sides, then assemble the box lid. This should fit perfectly over the base. This then sticks on top of your 24 boxes again using the Collall All Purpose Adhesive.
To Decorate your box: I printed this beautiful snowflake paper from the SWALK Winter Cheer CD-ROM directly onto Centura Pearl Snow White A4 Paper. We then matted this onto corresponding Core’dinations Colour Core Cardstock. Tip – when matting and layering using Centura Pearl Snow White Paper you should use the Crafter’s Companion Extra Strong Tape Pens as the Collall All Purpose Adhesive shows through when dry. For the fronts of the drawers I designed perfectly sized fronts, which I’ve uploaded to the Craftaganza category of the Downloads section on our web site. You can access them by clicking here.
This is a great project to make this time of year, and especially great to make with the kids. It may look complex, but once you get into the swing of it, you’ll see it’s actually very simple (just lots of repetition of the same size mini boxes and assembly) – I promise – ask anyone who was at the Craftaganza! If you have a go be sure to let us know how you get on!
If you want to see more of the photos from Craftaganza 2011, click here to view the album on the Crafter's Companion UK Facebook page!
Happy Crafting until next time! Sara xx

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