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Busy Day in Peterborough!

Well, I've had a busy day!!!

After a late night last night (and a bit of a headache this morning... That will teach me, anyone who was following my Twitter feed will have no doubt seen the embarrassing photo's!) I headed into the studio's early doors ready for the Clevercut Maxi launch!

I was with the lovely Ellis Ward for the launch show at 10am, and boy was it busy! I don't know where the hour went, it just flew by! I had so much fun though, I always have a giggle when I work with Ellis!

And it seems that everyone was loving the new Clevercut! If you didn't manage to catch the show, then all the information about the new cutter is over on our Website

The new tool has been developed primarily to use when you're needing to cut your Larger cardstock and in particular we've been asked for a solution for cutting larger card stock since we launched the Centura Pearl 16"x16" cardstock

If you've got the Enveloplus and you're wanting to make A4 size envelopes then it's the 16"x16" size cardstock that you need.

Then after the show I headed straight back to the flat where our Helen had my breakfast on the table!!! She's come over to visit me for the weekend, and my friend Meera is also down keeping me company!

Can't be bad! Then I embarked on the uber task of organising all of our samples - Helen helped me build some shelves and then I sorted everything out - Leann will be ever so proud of me when she sees!!

Then I had to head back to the studio's and I went on the hunt for mister may... I found him hiding in his dressing room..

It was another mega busy show and we ran around like a couple of loonies - our Nigel was so taken with the maxi that we switched roles and he wanted to have a bit play with the new tool (eer I mean 'demo'!) so I had to revert to giving out item numbers, web details and stock updates!

After the show, I rushed straight home to meet up with the lasses and we headed out for some tea...

Helen drew the short straw so she was driving, so me and Meera got to have a few cocktails!

Then we headed home to settle back on the couch to relax in front of the telly for a few hours before an early night ready for another big day tomorrow!

I'm back on the Tool Shed with Dean at noon, and then I've got a special wedding themed show at 3pm so if you're looking for ideas for wedding things (invites, favour boxes etc) then make sure you tine in for that special show!

Signing off for today... Big hugs, Sara xxx

Location:Create & Craft Studio's, Peterborough

4 thoughts on “Busy Day in Peterborough!”

  • Love you in that Purple dress it is so your colour.. and when the purse is fuller I will be investing in cutter

  • Wow Sara a busy day but fun too and cocktails wow xxxxxx The shows where great and the new clever cut looks very clever xxxxx and can i say i was delighted to have my email pulled from the spotty potty today xxxxxxx

  • I ordered mine yesterday, can't wait for it to come,I agree that gorgeous dress really suited you Sara.Hugs Julie x

  • Hi! Please email me, I have a question for you :)HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

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