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CD launch in Germany

Wow! Wow wow wow, that's all I can say. I'm totally speechless (and that takes something for me).

I've just got back to the hotel after a long day at the studios and the real biggie for me today was the launch of our very first CD Rom in Germany. It's taken us 18 months to persuade the team at HSE to try out CDs on the channel, and today was D-day so to speak as we ran the first trial with Popcorn the Bear.

My samples looked AWESOME! I have to say a mahusive thank you to the girls on our DT who helped me to make them - how does it feel girls to have been a part of history in the making with the very first launch of a Craft CD Rom in Germany!?!

Because it was such a new concept for the german crafters, I had to right back to basics, and I had a great setup where I could show everything on screen, but then I was printing things left right and centre onto decoupage paper, vellum, acetate... It looked FAB!

Well, it looked fab for the few minutes I had to demonstrate it anyway... It took about 10 mins for the penny to drop and people to understand the capabilities of a CD in their craft world, but as soon as the penny did drop, the phone lines went into meltdown and we had to cut the presentation short because we sold out!

So I had to go to the Enveloplus board early (which they loved in Germany as well!)

I was working with a gentleman translator as well at 9pm so that must have been really freaky to watch - when the cameras are close up on me you can see my lips moving, but it's the voice of a husky man coming out!

He was really lovely though, we got on great!

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a quick update... I'm off to bed because we've got an early start in the morning ready to fly back home - but I know I'm not going to sleep - I'm just way too excited still!

Back to the office tomorrow where the poor staff are working around the clock to try and keep up with orders from the pick of the week.

Big hugs! Sara xx

Location:HSE Studio's, Munich

7 thoughts on “CD launch in Germany”

  • you were absolutely brilliant Sara -I watched all 3 shows!!!!! So pleased they loved the CD-Rom, just wait til they see all the others!!!!!Sleep tight xxxxx

  • Congrats on the great show in Germany!

  • congratulations well done you i caught the shows you did a fantastic jobhugs linda xxx

  • Well Done Sara the show was great and I was so pleased you sold out as I know how excited you were about launching the CD. Safe trip home. I'm dropping my BP samples in tomorrow pm so may see you then.xxxx

  • congrats hun ! So very pleased for you! Smiles.. Of course you were a hit would never expect anything less. :0) xx

  • Lynn (delphinoid) 16th March 2012 at 2:08 am

    Congratulations Sara!!! :)I'm really pleased it all went well for you and they loved Popcorn and everything else, but to be honest, like Karen, I wouldn't expect anything less because you are so passionate about your products. :)The DT do you proud, so they should all be feeling proud of themselves for the fantastic job they do making the samples for you and being part of the CD Launch in Germany. Well Done Girls!!!Have a safe trip back. Take care. X X

  • Not really a surprise that they loved Popcorn and all the other lovely Crafters Companion goodies. They know when they see a good product and excellent English engineering and a safe journey home xx

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