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Spilling the gossip about my Channel 4 visit

Well, it seems I created a bit of a stir on Tuesday (totally unintentionally!) with my  facebook  post about my visit to Channel 4!

I've been bombarded with messages on facebook and twitter asking why I was there, and I really can't tell you much at this stage, but I can tell you that it was all very exciting!

I was down there for a big collaboration meeting between a number of companies about a Joint Venture that Channel 4 are doing with a major company we work with. There was a presentation in the afternoon all about the new project, then all of us who were in attendance representing the partner companies were given exclusive sneak previews of the project so far, so that we could all work together to plan the big launch later this year.

I know it all sounds very cryptic, but I really can't tell you any more at this stage because a lot of the information and previews I was privy too were highly confidential. But it was so exciting finding out all about this new project in more detail, and better still - channel 4 was AWESOME! The presentations took place inside the cinema room below the big 4 statue.

What I will say is... Channel 4 have decided that when they are ready to release the new programming, then there's going to be a 10 day preview time, during which time they will be running trailers across all of their channels, which are estimated to reach 30 million people between 4 and 5 times each! So as long as you watch some of channel 4's channels, then you'll find out all in good time! And of course, as soon as i'm allowed to let you know more then i'll be blogging about it here so watch this space!!!

Sara xxx

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