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Sara & the crafty crew!

Well, what a FAB afternoon!

As you'll probably already know from my previous posts, we're launching a fantastic kit on tuesday night with beautiful artwork from The Snowman and Father Christmas, and because we've been so busy with the Mulberry Wood Pick of the Week, i've not had any time to get crafty with this new kit, until today!
So it was literally all hands to the pump this morning as I needed to rally round all the help I could get!!! So I brought in the reserves!!! My friend (and now colleague!) Louise lives just up the road, and has been on our design team for a few years, and recently joined our staff full time, and when I heard she had no plans for the day, she saw drafted in! (I say 'my friend' - she was Leann's friend originally, but since we were introduced, we've now adopted her into the CC family!!)
Then there's Auntie Margaret - she's not really my auntie, but I adopted her as an auntie a few years ago!! She's been coming to our Craftaganza event for years, and was a local customer of ours. Well we became friends over the years, and she also recently became one of our designers, and she also (conveniently!) lives just down the road, so she got the 'phone call' too!!
And of course the lovely Pam who again was a local customer of ours, and became a friend over the years, and recently has become an invaluable member of the DT (you'll often hear me talking about her on C&C - her cards are always the spectacular ones that no-one can work out how to do and she's forever writing tutorials for us on her blog bless her!)

Anyway, this was my kitchen just before we came to tidy up - yes it looks like a crafty bomb had hit it!!!
We've had an intensive 'craftathon' for the past 5 hours, and as we were making cards, we kept lining them up along the kitchen worktops, to the point where we could no longer get to the kettle!!!
My word though we've had the most fun!!! It has been great to all get together and share inspiration, and teach each other new techniques!
And we've got some gorgeous cards to show you! Make sure you tune in for the launch on Tuesday evening (Ideal World at 9pm, then again at 11pm!)
Now, as well as my friends, I also invited round my mum and my nana - because I'm always trying to get my nana into crafting, and my mum loves it when she does it, but doesn't have the confidence to set to on her own very often, so I knew it would be a great oportunity to all sit down together and have fun crafting!

Look at these two cards that my Nana made - I'm so incredibly proud of her! These were her first attempts EVER at cardmaking, and I think she did phenomenally well!!!
And once she'd eased herself in, she say Margaret making a gatefold and that was it she was off wanting to try one of those! So just look how she got on...

And my mum had seen one of the cards on this weekends Mulberry Wood shows - it was one of Pam's, and it was a big A4 double fronted gatefold with a full scene inside, so she decided she wanted to emulate it (and remember, my mam is very much a 'beginner crafter' but I think she did marvellously well!
The scene of the snowman flying across the the night sky looks stunning, and although this picture just doesn't do it justice, the foiling on the cardstock is just spectacular
Then I don't want to show you many of the ones I did, because I want to save them to show you on the show, but here's just a couple - I especially love this one with Father Christmas on (and it was just a quickie I threw together)
And I also wanted to do one with the full scene on the inside at A4 size (t looks way better in real life, make sure you catch one fo the shows and I'll show you)
Then guess what..... so many people have been in contact (via facebook, twitter, emails, calls into the office etc!) to ask about the peel-a-boo card that Pam had made for the Mullberry Wood show, so she showed me how to make it and we made one for the Snowman Kit. 
Now only that, but Pam (who is writing a tutorial for this as I type which she'll put on her blog) has also helped me prep one to do as a demonstration on one of the shows - so i'll be showing you how ot make this card on one of Wednesday's shows (8am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm on deal World, and 12, 3pm, 5pm on Create & Craft).

Then, to thank the girls for coming to my rescue thisafternoon, I took them all for afternoon tea...

My mum and Nana were absolutely shattered (you can tell they aren't hard core crafter's yet!!).

Anyway, it's been a fabulous afternoon. My Mam still can't quite get over that we were making christmas cards in July, but she's enjoyed herself nevertheless!

You can read more about the Snowman Pick of the Day shows in our July monthly newsletter which has just been released, and I'll look forward to showing you everything we've got at 9pm on tuesday!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Love Sara xxx

Location:Sara's House

16 thoughts on “Sara & the crafty crew!”

  • WOW Well Done Nana!!!! I love your cards :D xxx

  • aww must have been lovely spending time with your mum and nana, times like this are priceless and they give you lots of happy memories to look back on xx

  • Bloody hell look at the size of that kitchen! I moving in, gorjuss cards as per. :)

  • Val Southgate 1st July 2012 at 8:12 pm

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time! Can't wait until Tuesday to see all the samples.Take care, Val xx

  • HOW fun! can't wait to see you in a few weeks! HUGS...

  • Just bought the Mulberry woods goodies, now i need to work on my hubby to buy the Snowman kit.

  • WOW - you have all been busy girls !!!! Well done Nana and Mum your cards are awesomexx

  • Looks like you had great fun:)x

  • Em Louise Fairley 2nd July 2012 at 3:31 am

    So glad everyone had a great time! Mam's and Nana's cards beautiful! So are yours and the others too! I made my first Christmas card of the year this past Friday, using the Christmas boards

  • Your sure looked like you had a great day. Looking forward to seeing the shows.Pam x

  • julie_woolston 2nd July 2012 at 10:14 am

    Wow gorgeous cards and well done Nana and Mam you did a fantastic job, you all made so many.I am so looking forward to the launch on Tuesday.Hugs Julie x

  • Wow lush cards. It looks like you had a great time. Excellent of the very lovely girls to come and help!!! I just love you all xxxHugs Rachel xxxx

  • I wish I lived nearer to you. This looks like so much fun and a house full of creativity.Heike xx

  • Oh your kitchen is stunning and the cards look wonderful x

  • Wow what a lovely crafting day you all had wish I lived down the road x x beautiful cards from your mum and nana x and beautiful cards from you Sara x x

  • Well done to your mum and nana. saw their cards last night. Can't wait to get mine next week hope it arrives before I leave for Donnie Next Thursday. Hope to see you there. xxx

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