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Sara's new shoes!

Well, I know 'officially' this is the Crafter's Companion blog, and so I should be showing you crafty hints and tips. BUT I just had to share with you some pictures of my new shoes!

As its been a hectic week (with the Pick of the Week and Pick of the Day shows) I decided to have a relaxy day today and treat myself! So I took myself off for a facial this morning, and this afternoon I headed to Newcastle with my mum and nana to do a bit of girlie shopping!

And I couldn't resist as I walked past Kurt Geiger, just having a wander in, as there's massive sales on everywhere! Anyway, I spotted the most gorgeous pair of shoes, but I didn't know if they would be too high for me, and as my mam and nana had gone off for a coffee, I had no-one to ask, so I took a picture and posted it on twitter and asked for everyone's opinion...

And it was a resounding yes! So I went back to get them! And as I was in the shop, I saw another 2 pairs, and even though I need a new pair of shoes like I need a hole in the head, they were just too gorgeous, and too silly a price saving to leave them in the shop!

So anyway, loads of people on twitter were asking to see them so I've just got back home to my mam and dads house, and I'm just having a cuppa and a catch up with my dad (who loves them by the way!) so I've took some pics for you!

These are the back ones I tried on in the picture...

And then how unbelievably gorgeous are these suede ones with silver bits! They'll go with anything!

And then these are just some sensible kitten-heel ones to take to Chicago next week to wear walking around the trade show

Just HAD to share with everyone! Hope you love them ad much as I do!

Right, best get back to the tennis (they had it on in Newcastle city centry on a big screen - the atmosphere was electric!)

Sara xxx

Location:Mam and Dads house

6 thoughts on “Sara's new shoes!”

  • well it was a good job I wasn't on Twitter this avo as I would have made you go find bags to match :O) Fabulous Dawlink love them all :O)MwahAli x

  • wow shoes are great sorry have to watch the tennis come back later to say more lol

  • Must be day for shoes my husband bought me some lovely ones as a graduation present

  • Beautiful shoes but l couldn't wear them that high although l do remember when l could!! enjoy them they really are lovely:)x

  • Jane (Carroll's Creations) 7th July 2012 at 11:44 pm

    srummmmmyyyyy shoes darling!loves them!hugs jane x

  • CraftygasheadZo 8th July 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Gorgeous shoes - I just wish I could wear heels, I used to many years ago but can't wear them now. You deserve a treat and what better than shoes! Take care Zo xx

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