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Club Inspire

A Surprise Visitor

Well, we had a surprise visitor at Casa Davies last night!

My Mum and Dad are away on holiday, so Poppy has been staying with my Nana, however she came to see me yesterday afternoon as she was worried about the dog who hadn't been well. Bless my nana, she was all worked up about it, so I said i'd take Poppy home with me, and see how she got on for the evening and bring her back this morning and see if she was any better.

Well she was absolutely fine for me! I think she's just got herself all worked up because my mum and dad are away. She was a right huffy madam - and all the time I was trying to take her picture she kept looking away from the camera - she's totally milking it!
She's Helen's dog really (we rescued her as a Puppy 11 years ago) so this morning while she was being all sulky I was showing her the pictures of Helen on the walls of our house and talking to her in my funny voice (you know, the one we use to talk to babies too!) and she still wasn't settling, so I put her in the car to take her back to my nana's and called Helen and put her on loudspeaker and tried to make her talk to the dog. Well, you can imagine how that went down, here's poor Helen sitting at work at 7:30 this morning (and she has a desk adjacent to her boss) and I'm asking her to make funny cooing noises down the phone to placate the dog!
Anyway, Poppy sat nice and quiet in my craft room with me all evening while I did some more prep for the shows this weekend. In case you haven't heard (then where have you been!) we've got a MASSIVE launch this Friday, and one i've personally been UBER excited about for ages! We're launching the Moreheads Range as a Pick of the Week on Create & Craft.
Leann is doing the launch this Friday (I figured I should let her have a turn seen as I got to launch Mulberry Wood and then we sold out early and she didn't get to do any of the shows! Hey I hope that doesn't happen again, because Leann's doing all the weekend's shows and i'm doing the Tuesday shows.)
I'm off down to visit Helen this weekend, then we're going into London and ive got tickets for the Olympics this weekend, then im heading straight from there to Peterborough for my shows!
So because i've only got 1 day of shows, I don't have as much prep to do, but i'm helping Leann out with hers too. 
I've used one of the stamps we're launching (and they are Acrylic stamps from the Morehead company in Holland) to make this card.

The card is really easy to make on the Ultimate Pro and you need to use the Boxer board for measuring. I started with a sheet of A4 Centura Pearl Snow White.

Here's the instructions for this type of card:

1. Cut a piece of A4 cardstock down to 11 inches.

2. Place the card horizontally on the boxer box and score a 2 inch line at the 1 inch mark, the 2 inch mark and the 6.5 inch mark.

3. Score a 2 inch line up from the bottom of the cardstock at the same points.

4.  Turn the cardstock around and place it vertically on the boxer board.  Join up the lines from 1 inch to 6.5 on both sides of the card.

5. Place the card horizontally back on the boxer board and score a line at 5.5 inches between the two horizontal 2 inch lines.

6.  Remove your card from the board and cut from the 1 inch score line to the 6.5 score on both sides of the card.

7.  Valley fold the 1 inch score lines, mountain fold the 2 inch score lines, mountain fold the 6.5 inch score lines and the 5.5 score line.

 The colouring I did with my Spectrum Noir pens, and I used:

Pink Outfit: PP1, PP3, PP4
Skin: FS2, FS4, FS8
Cheeks: CR3
Hair: TN1, TN2
Shoes: IG1, IG2, IG3
Grey on flower: IG1,

Then because that card took me a while (with all the scoring and the colouring) I just opted for a quick one next, so I've used one of the decoupage kits we're launching.

A nice quick and simple one but uber cute!
Right must dash - have a SUPER BUSY day in the office today, loads of meetings, and Leann's chomping at the bit to catch up with me because she hasn't seen me for a week - she's got a list a mile long to go through with me so wish me luck!!
I've got a bit more prep to do so watch out this week i'll keep you posted! Sara xxx

3 thoughts on “A Surprise Visitor”

  • Lovely Sara. Hope Poppy picks up when your Mam and Dad are back home. I know what our dogs are like when we leave them. I wanted to say i'm loving the moreheads collection!!! Just like every collection you bring really, lol xHope you have a brilliant weekend.Take careRachel xxx

  • Lovely cards Sara I love the moreheads they are so cute Poppy reminds me of my dog Jasper hubby was away all weekend and he sulked the whole time as soon as he walked back through the door he was fine.He hates having his photo taken too will not look at the camera at all and when you do manage to take a pic he looks really miserable and as for talking to them like babies well.... they are really aren't they good luck with the launch Jacki xx

  • julie_woolston 24th July 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Hi Sara Poor Poppy we lost our whippet last year, but she used to sulk too looking at poppy she looks just like Meg and they look at you with that really sad face.I am so looking forward to the launch I love the Moreheads, your card are gorgeous and the images are so cute.Hugs Julie x

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