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Club Inspire

Road trip!!!

Afternoon everyone!

It's Meera here - Sara's dearest friend, chief navigator and master of fun for the weekend! Sara's driving so I've been tasked with updating you all on the first leg of our journey to London to see the Olympics.

Actually, we're taking a little detour to Helen's (Sara's sister's) house to get fed, watered and a bed for the night. When I say we, I mean Sara, me and my little brother, Vivek.

He kindly provided the treats for our road trip. Needless to say we've (and by we I mean Sara especially) have been enjoying them!!

Sara has also come prepared with flags, bunting and other useless but patriotic stuff for us to proudly wave as we support our teams in the Olympics.

Sara said to tell you she's planning on taking lots of pictures of our trip and the 2 events we're going to - fencing and ladies basketball - so we'll try and keep you updated.

The final leg of Olympic road trip is to Peterborough and an overnight stay at CC-PB-HQ. Don't get too excited, there's no Olympic events taking place there!! Sara's on the pick of the week on Tuesday (as long as there is stock left).

I promise I'll give Sara her iPad back (after I've finished playing games) so she can keep you up to date on our adventures.

Bye for now,


Location:Somewhere on the M1

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