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A wonderful crafty surprise!!

Well, I'm back in the office this morning (I haven't been in for well over a week, what with the Autumn Fair show, my trip to germany and then my Lady GaGa outing!) and there was a fabulous surprise waiting for me!

It was a parcel all wrapped up with my name on it, sitting on my desk, and as I opened it I felt like a kid at Christmas!

Here's what was inside...

Along with a lovely letter from a guy called Doug Cresswell explaining to me all about how he loves the Ultimate Pro, and how inspiring he finds the DVDs and telling me all about a few projects he has made... (if you click on the image it will make it bigger so you can read it)

It's lovely to receive gifts and cards in the post (and I keep everything i've been sent - they get duly adhered to my office wall with Stick & Spray for all our visitors to peruse!!)

For anyone who hasn't watched one of my DVDs, you probably don't 'get' what Doug is on about, but where possible I always try and use things that people will have lying around the house, instead of buying special tools - just so it shows you how even if you're just starting out, there's plenty to get going with. In the Ultimate DVD which Doug is referring to, I used some pegs and paperclips to hold my boxes together while I was making them (hence he's bought me some purple ones to match in with the CC theme!

Doug has asked a couple of questions in his letter which I want to answer here...

"What does the K in K-card stand for?" - It actually doesn't stand for anything, the K is representative of the shape of the card if you look down from the top.

"What does DL stand for" - DL is the shape of a card - it's an A4 folded into thirds widthways. It's short for 'DIN Lang' which means Deutsch Industrie Norm, Long (otherwise translated as Dimension Lengthwise)

"Which board do I need for C4 envelopes and larger?" - you need to use our Enveloplus Board - it does DIN-A5 and A4 up to 12"x12". It's available on our website with a free resource CD ROM.

Here's a video telling you all about the Enveloplus...

And here's a tutorial video showing you how to make an A4 size Envelobox...

I hope that answers your questions Doug and thank you again for your lovely gift. I've popped a little something in the post for you in return, so I hope you like it!!!

Sara x

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