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Sara & the Alpaca's and a big thank you!

Afternoon all!!

Just a quick post to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who tuned in for the Beatrix Potter launch on Wednesday evening. I really had a fablous 24 hours and thoroughly enjoyed the shows!

Just a few piccies to share with you from the day!!

First - when I was setting up I opened a box of samples from Pam Leng - one of the lovely ladies on our design team. Look what she had packed inside for me...

I can tell you - I was glad of them come 6pm!!! And if you saw me on the 6pm show on C&C and wondered why I was a bit hyper - then now you know why!!! (and if you were wondering why I was still a bit hyper come 9pm - it's because Louisa had come to pick me up and to keep me going through my 3 hour stint she had promised me a trip to McDonald's for a Big Tasty meal... all I ca say is, it was really big and really tasty!!!)

Here's a few pictures of the unbelievably gorgeous samples I had...

Then I had to share these pictures with you... I don't know if you saw, but there was a special show on C&C at 2pm about 'Get Britain Knitting' presented by the lovely Debbie Shore...
And outside they had a set setup with some Alpaca's in - and the lovely lady let me come in their pen for a cuddle... 

I promise I was trying to cuddle them - just magic hands was a bit slow with the camera!!)

Leonie came out for a cuddle too (just from a distance, as they were deciding at this point to kick each other!!)

How cute!?! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the day, and huge thank you to everyone who emailed in - I made about 25 cards over the course of the day, and as I had to leave straight after the show, I left instructions with Louisa to bundle them up and send them out to people who had emailed in, so hopefully if you did email, then you'll be one of the lucky people who receives a card!
Hopefully you've been able to tune in to watch Louisa's shows today - she's back on at 6pm thisevening, and then tomorrow again at 10am and 5pm.
Enjoy! Big Crafty Hugs Sara xxx

One thought on “Sara & the Alpaca's and a big thank you!”

  • Hi SaraGorgeous cards by the DT, I am so disappointed I didn't see the shows, I am on holiday in Yorkshire and didn't know there was a pick of the day.I have now ordered my products and hope they are waiting for me on my return home on Saturday.Hugs Julie x

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