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Club Inspire

Beatrix Potter calendar project - a tutorial

We've been getting lots of requests in for step-by-step instructions for how to make the Beatrix Potter calendar kit. So, here you go:

Step 1 - Take your Kit and ribbon from the packet.

Step 2 - You receive two calendars in your kit so you will need to split them into two piles.

Step 3 - Remove the four ribbon holes and the die-cut area from the main image of the November page. Layer this on top of the December page.

Step 4 - Repeat this for the other pages in the year, piling them in reverse month order - with December at the bottom and January at the top.

Step 5 - Place the front cover on your project.

Step 6 - Make some ribbon loops through each hole at the top, ensuring they are not too tight so your calendar pages will turn.

Step 7 - Thread some ribbon through the middle two loops you have just created to make a hanging loop.

Here is your finished calendar:


One thought on “Beatrix Potter calendar project - a tutorial”

  • Carole Sephens

    I received these instructions too late to understand how the calender was to be put together when I sent them off as Christmas gifts. Fortunately the instructions for putting the `B.P. Winters' tale Tree card before it was too late.
    I have, on occassion found that both HunkyDory and Kanban are lovely items but neither company include instructions for putting the complex cards and structures together. If these companies are to be used in conjunction with Crafters' Companion would it be possible for them to add a printed instruction sheet with the kits in future? Some of us are unabe to see all of the C/Craft shows or to record them. Some would be given as gifts to other parts of the country and the recipients would be at a loss as to putting them together if they have not seen the shows. It's a bit like getting a flatpack from Ikea with no instructions.
    I was dissappointed that I was unable to finish the calender properly and will not be able to retrieve them from my friends to put together but am hopeful that this Email will be read and a solution made.I understand that to keep the costs to the customer low it becomes necessary but nonetheless frustrating for the crafter and non-crafter alone.
    Thanks for some beautiful kits, stamps, c.d's and of course the Ultimate additions.
    Yours forever crafting, Carole Stephens. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.

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