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Club Inspire

Christmas Fudge Making!!

Well, I just had to share this with you!!! I decided this year to make all of my own Christmas Presents, and my Dad's favorite is fudge. So I found a recipe on the Carnation Website (they are the people who make the condensed milk) for their 'Ultimate Fudge' and followed it step by step...

First was melting the ingredients in a pan... I substituted the milk content for Baileys - now that then really was the 'ultimate fudge'!!

Then I had to literally beat it by hand for at least 10 minutes (but it was more like 20 - build those old muscles up!)

Then leave it to set overnight...

And while it was setting, I made another batch, but this time I added in chopped hazelnuts, and some juicy raisins (that were juicy because I left them to soak in port for a week!!)

And then when all the fudge had set, I just put a handful of pieces into little bags (the C6 cello-bags) and tied the top with a little bit of ribbon

They made lovely Christmas gifts, and I've been taking a little bag as a gift when we've been invited round to the neighbors houses for a Christmas drink!

I can HIGHLY recommend that recipe!

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