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New Embossalicious Is Now Available!

We hope that you've enjoyed the Pick of the Day live shows on Ideal World and Create & Craft throughout the day, and are now full of ideas of how the brand new Embossalicious embossing folders can be used in your crafting projects. We're pleased to announce that the 6" x 6", 8" x 8" and A4 embossing folders are now available to buy on the Crafter's Companion web site! To see all of the fabulous multibuy offers we have for you, make sure you read the latest newsletter!

And how about a chance to WIN three embossing folders for yourself? Keep reading for details!

We asked the Die'sire team members which of their stunning samples was their favourite, and we've put together a little list to help inspire you. Have a look at what they've shared:

Clare Buswell
Sharon Callis
Tracy Evans
Lynne Kontou
Lynne Kontou

and a few from the Crafter's Companion team:

Edna Taylor
Doreen O'Brien
Ali Watson

And now we want to give YOU a chance to win some folders! After you pop through to see the inspiration from our designers, come back and tell us which of each folder is YOUR favourite (one 6"x6" folder, one 8"x8" folder, and one A4 folder) - we'll pick three winners who will each receive one of each size folder!

This giveaway is open through 11:59 PM Monday 25th March 2013, to residents of the UK (one comment per person, please!). Good luck!

137 thoughts on “New Embossalicious Is Now Available!”

  • Alison Humphris

    I love all the embossalious folders but think my favourites are
    A4 Patchwork Quilt
    8 x8 Botton Box
    6x6 Florabunda

  • Allison Anderson
    Allison Anderson 22nd March 2013 at 10:19 am

    Love everything crafter companion but these folders are absolutely fantastic , cant wait to use them on my projects well done xxxx

  • Tina

    Hi I love ALL the folders but if I had to choose the 6 x 6 would be the florabunda, the 8 x 8 would be the chantily corner and the A4 would be the dots as that is the most used one I have but its only small folder, loved all the demonstrations and my wish list has got alot longer.
    Happy crafting
    Love Tina x

  • Mary Mcpherson

    They are all gorgeous but if I have to choose one it would be the fabulous creation by Clare Buswell x

  • Kelly Dawkins

    What lovely selection of embossing folders I really like them all but I have to say my favorite ones have to be
    A4- Tumbling Leaves
    8x8 - Button Box
    6x6 - Gun Metal

    They all really are lovely but these three are on my most wanted list :-)

    Thanks for sharing the inspirations
    Kelly x

  • Allison Anderson
    Allison Anderson 22nd March 2013 at 10:25 am

    i meant to say my favourite is the floral vines but i love them all xxxx

  • Janet

    Hi, my 6x6 is Florabunda, and the 8x8 is Chantily Corner (my number one) and the A4 is Dottie, this one can be used for any thing.

  • Julie Shepherd

    My favourite A4 folder is the patchwork quilt design. It's so different to other folders I have seen. My favourite 8"x8" folder is the chantilly corner, I think this will be so versatile as you can place it in any corner and also create frames with it. My favourite 6"x6" is the gun metal folder. I can see this one being used on all kinds of cards, especially for men and we do have to make cards for them now and again :)

  • Donna Williamson

    My fave has to be "Button box" in the new folders - seen an example on "Sharon Challis" blog xx Would defo love to play with alot of them though but thats my fave x

  • Jenny

    My favourite embossing folders are so hard to pick as I love and have orded them all...... But I really look forward to playing with in the 6x6 'Florabunda' and in the 8x8 'Button Box' and in the A4 one i choose because of my love of patchwork 'Patchwork Quilt'. Thanks for all the inspiration regards Jenny

  • Beryl Tyler

    Beautiful samples from the team and great demos from Leanne on the programmes.
    My favourite folders are :-
    6 x 6 Florabunda
    8 x 8 Regency Swirls
    A4 Floral vine
    Hope to see you at the NEC tomorrow.
    Beryl xx

  • sharon smith

    Oooo THis is a hard one as I love them all
    Both design temsa have doen a srumptioud job demonstrating them.
    If I have to choose my favourites would be
    A4 - Floral Vine
    8x8 - Button box - great for the many baby cards I'm doing at the Mo
    6x6 - Florabunda and this has to be my favourite of all the folders

    right off to do some shopping........................

  • Kaye

    I love Tracy Evans embossalicious cards. They are beautiful.

  • Kaye

    Argyl and celtic folders are really something. Tracy Evans has shown how to use them for embossing leaves. I would have never thought of that idea.

  • kelly jeary

    I love Florabunda 6x6, Chantily Corner 8x8 and Argyle A4, they all look fab but I think these 3 are my faves!

  • Sue Monks

    My favourite three are...

    Chantilly Corner
    Tumbling Leaves

    To be honest, it is very difficult to chose one of each, I want them all! :)

  • Carole Rushton

    Well this was hard but 6x6 ornate corner, 8x8 chantily corner and A4 argyle.

  • Jenny Treen

    My favourite 8x8 is the chantilly corner (my favourite out of all of the range I think!) So pretty and so versatile. Can make such a difference to any card project and live the idea of being able to use it as a frame by using it twice!

    My favourite 6x6 is the florabunda folder ( the one with the flowers?) Love the different style of flowers on the top and bottom of the design...put a ribbon at the join and looks amazing!

    And the one with the butterfly I LOVE! ! Unfortunately I was going to buy the dies for the flowers but they sold out :(((((

  • Julie McMahon

    Good Morning, i'm having a snow day which has rapidly tunred into a craft day, yay! I've enjoyed looking at your design team's card and i think my favourite 3 folders are Florabunda, Celtic Frame and Argyle

  • beverley robinson
    beverley robinson 22nd March 2013 at 11:37 am

    My favourite 6 x 6 embossing folders is; Florabunda I think This looks so delicate and this is perfect for Easter cards and a lot more Easter card designs. The 8 x 8 folder is my Favourite, The Rose Garden perfect for my mam's birthday card and Delicate Enough to use as a sympathy card. A4 embossing folder I would choose the Argyle perfect for men's and boys cards and If I had the Money i would certainly purchase them 'ALL'

  • Anna

    Help I like them all but if I have to choose 2 then it's definitely florabunda and chantily corner. Will be buying some Sunday for sure x

  • Julie Woolston

    Gorgeous cards by the DT as always, all of the folders are gorgeous it's hard to choose,

    6 x 6 Gunmetal
    8 x 8 Button Box
    A4 Argyal.

    Thank you for the chance to win one of the gorgeous folders.

    Hugs Julie xxxx

  • Karen Cogan

    I love all of these folders & have already bought some of the previous release so would like all of the them but the ones I'd buy 1st so I guess my favourites are
    A4 - Argyle
    8x8 - Chantilly Corner
    6x6 - Lattice

  • jacqui rolfe

    I think they are all gorgeous but I love the Lattice 6"x6" so versatile, the Button Box 8"x8" again so versatile I can think of a lot I can do with these, and Tumbling Leaves A4 size. Unfortunately I only have a Big Shot, so 8x8 and A4 will be a problem, I will keep saving my pennies I am determined to get the e- embosser machine

  • Hazel Fox


    Loving all the samples and inspiration.

    My favourite folders are:-
    6"x 6" Florabunda
    8" x 8" Chantilly Corner
    A4 Patchwork Quilt

    Keep up the good work.



  • Stephanie Manning

    6x6 Floral Frenzy
    8x8 Chantily Frame
    A4 Parcheork Quilt

    All great and so tempted with the eBosser. Cuttlebug just doesn't seem big enough anymore.

  • jacqueline kendall
    jacqueline kendall 22nd March 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Hmm so hard to choose, love them all
    Tumbling leaves A4
    Rose garden 8 x 8
    Elegant frame 6 x 6
    fingers crossed xx :)

  • Margaret Forman
    Margaret Forman 22nd March 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Love them all!
    Favourites are
    6x6 gunmetal
    8x8 button box
    A4 patchwork quilt
    Am going to have to save to buy them all!

  • pam

    I LOVE all of your embossing folders, But if i had to choose it would be
    A4 Perfect Paisley
    8x8 Rose Garden
    6x6 Lattice

    but who could have just one of them definately not me x

  • Lynn Barber

    My favourite folders are -
    6 x 6 Florabunda
    8 x 8 Rose Garden
    A4 Patchwork Quilt

    But I would be happy with any of them.

  • Anna Monkhouse

    Why can we not get the A4 designs in 6*6folders I think their designs are much nicer.My embossing machine is too small to take the larger folders

  • Wendy

    My favourites would be A4 Perfect paisley. 8x8 Regency Swirl and 6x6 Floral Frenzy but would love any of them as new to this range.

  • Karen

    Oh wow!

    These are just fabulous! I love all of the new folders - definitely on my wish list to join my other Embossalicious Folders... smiles.

    So hard to just pick one each from the three but my absolute favourites are:-

    A4 - Tumbling Leaves.
    8×8 – Button Box.
    6×6 – Gun Metal.

    Oh boy I could get lost creating with all of these.xx

  • sheena mckee

    Hi to all at c&c I love all the embossalalious folders but my favourites are

    6x6 lattice folder
    8x8 button box would go lovely with my swalk collection cd rom
    A4 tumbling leaves would go lovely with my toread cd rom.....but they are all fantastic very versatile and the samples are superb.

  • Claire Barraclough
    Claire Barraclough 22nd March 2013 at 1:44 pm

    I found it hard to choice especially the A4 size but loved Argvle. 6x6 lattice. 8x8 Rose garden.

  • Joanna Mackintosh

    What a hard decisions - I think, upon reflection, my choices would be:

    6"x6" folder - Regal Frame

    8"x8" folder - Celtic Frame

    A4 folder - Perfect Paisley

  • Margaret Hillman
    Margaret Hillman 22nd March 2013 at 2:01 pm

    A4 size Floral Vine
    8x8 = Chantilly Corner
    6x6 =Florabunda
    I love all these dies and they are so versatile too.

  • Claire

    Watching c and c had to buy holiday holly (this is my choice)A4 and a few more, then went to the CC website and bought a few more. May have to go and buy a few more yet too.

  • Sheila Roxburgh

    My favourites if I have to choose are:

    Lattice 6x6
    Button box 8x8
    Patchwork A4

    Fab samples from the design teams, I love to see them all as it helps me make up mind if I will use or not.I ahve to admit they always do and I always spend a fortune lol. Love my craftiing and all crafters companion products x

  • Angela

    I love and want all the designs in all the sizes but I've sat here ages trying to pick my favorites and they are

    6 x 6 Floral Frenzy
    8 x 8 Chantilly corner
    12 x 12 Tumbling leaves

    They are all lovely designs and give the cards a more profesional finish , the samples look great and I am looking forward already to the next batch of designs too, keep up the good work and just keep them coming we " NEED" them all

  • Dawn Noel

    In the 6x6 I like Gun Metal, 8x8 Rose Garden and A4 Perfect Paisley.
    Got all 8x8 and A4 folders now but need to get the 6x6 to complete the set. Look forward to more sets in the future ladies.

  • Judith

    Its very hard to chose as they are all great and versatile - hmmm decisions, decisions, decisions arghhhhh the torment - I would have to say if I was forced to chose it would be these ones - Lattice, Celtic Frame and Patchwork.

    phew that was hard work lol

  • Bhav Sirer

    I love the following three:
    a4-tumbling leaves
    8x8-Chantily Corner
    6x6-Elegant Frame

  • Anne Daily

    My favourite is all of them but will say 8x8 chant illy corner and a4 argyle. Hope I'm a lucky lady x

  • Christine Hubbard
    Christine Hubbard 22nd March 2013 at 4:20 pm

    All of them are beautiful, but would choose
    Regal Corner
    Button Box
    Perfect Paisley

  • Jackie Durrant

    So difficult to choose but I think I would have to say
    A4 - Patchwork
    8 x 8 - Rose garden
    6 x 6 - Chevrons

  • hilda atkinson

    just ordered my e.Bosser cant wait for ti to arrive.No folders as yet but like florabunda6x6 folder and the a4 argyle i think will be my first ones but really would like them all.

  • Mags Thompson

    6x6 Florabunda
    8x8 Button Box
    A4 Perfect Paisley
    They are all beautiful and very versatile Thank You for bringing these beautiful embossing folders for us to buy xx

  • Barbara Phillips
    Barbara Phillips 22nd March 2013 at 5:55 pm

    A4 patchwork, 6x6 florabunda, 8x8 regency are my favourites but they are all gorgeous

  • Joan Rickards

    My favourite is 6x6 petite dots in the 8x8 the Garden rose my best of all of them, lastely in the A4 is the paisley. these folders are amazing. Well done to Sara her her magnificent team xx

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