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Workshops In Slovenia

Last week I received a very exciting email from  Silva Brodar, who is the direktorica/general manager of Rayher Adria (they distribute the Ultimate Pro for us in Slovenia)!  It seems they are teaching workshops to school teachers!

So far they have done 3 workshops with a total of 35 teachers, and they have more planned.  Doesn't it look like they are having fun?

I'm absolutely chuffed to bits to see the Ultimate Pro in action like this!  Have you done any workshops or demos with Crafter's Companion products lately?  I would LOVE to see some pictures.....forward them to me at and maybe I'll share them here on my blog!

Happy Crafting! Sara xx

3 thoughts on “Workshops In Slovenia”

  • Julie Woolston

    Wow this is fantastic what a brilliant idea.
    Hugs Julie xx

  • Dee

    Wow! l don't know any of our teach who get taught crafting methods like this, it's amazing - perhaps l should move there! Also appears to be Craft shops in Slovenia, l haven't even got one where l live, the nearest one is a minimum of 1000km!! lt shows how good your Ultimate Pro is Sara! Hugs x

  • Jan Buckley

    Hi Sara, well I used to teach but we never had any of this type of tuition, I can assure you there would have been an awful lot of us signing up for that class lol. What fun and what a fabulous idea, they can take the ultimate pro into their classrooms and teach the children to make all manner of crafty makes. It's great to see your "Baby" going all over the globe like this, I'm sure that you are very proud and so you should be Sara, you have worked hard enough for this and now you can enjoy the benefits!

    Hugs Jan xxxx

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