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Join our FREE loyalty club now and you'll save at least 5% off every order once you have reached the bronze tier.

For every £1 you spend with Crafter's Companion, you'll receive one Loyalty Point. The more points you have, the bigger and better your benefits will be.

It's that simple.

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Club Inspire

Are You a Member?

Are you a member of Club Inspire?

It’s completely free to join the Club, and it only takes about 90 seconds. As a Club Inspire member, you’ll receive 5% discount on all of your orders, and priority shipping over regular customers! You will also have access to exclusive gallery projects, downloads, sneak previews of new products, and other special member-only offers!

Click here to complete the registration details page, and if you want more information about the Club watch our short video:

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6 thoughts on “Are You a Member?”

  • samantha davies
    samantha davies 8th June 2013 at 12:26 am

    id love to meet sara and its funny that share the same surname

  • Linda Medway

    I absolutely adore Crafters Companion. Their goods are second to none and I've never known another company that delivers orders so quickly. Have received my latest 2 parcels today and was pleasantly surprised to find a free gift in each one. I wasn't aware that they were sending these out. Keep up the good work Sara and colleagues, you're doing a fantastic job.

  • Pauline Murfet

    I am a member of Inspire, but sadly I have never received any of the free gifts you say you send with all orders. Is there a reason for this?
    Many thanks.

  • Joyce Sanderson

    I am so very Happy to have found Christines Page and Love the Tutorials and all the other advice etc.and club inspire seems a great idea.


  • Ingrid B

    Hi Linda, last week they were including a free gift with each order (a special during Members Week).They don't do it all the time ;)

  • Marianne

    I am currently a Gold member (which kind of proves I like the products on offer), but sadly enough I can never take advantage of free PP since I'm situated in Greece. I can understand that it's not feasible to offer free PP for international orders, but it would be nice if a customer-oriented company like Crafter's Companion would offer a PP discount to its members abroad. I've already suggested this in an e-mail to Customer Services and I'm keeping my fingers crossed the company will give this some serious thought. Especially since orders usually take over a month to arrive.

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