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Club Inspire

Pictures From Germany

It's been such a busy week I completely forgot to share pictures from my shows in Germany!

Look at this group!  Of course you all know our fabulous Dawn... the lovely lady on the left is my friend Katie, who used to be on our DT. She's just moved to Germany, and will be helping with show prep before all of our shows on HSE!  The other lady is the FABULOUS translator we have for the shows!

These were Dawn's first shows in Germany and she wasn't at all nervous about being on air, or working with the translator (that might have been the shout of ouzo she had for Dutch courage, at the local greek restaurant we went to for dinner before the shows)!

We were doing a big CD launch, and I always get nervous about them because so much can go wrong technically...last time i did a show the laptop fried under the lights of the studio and kept freezing!  It was really stressful... it’s not like at C&C where they have lots of CD shows so they are geared up for it. But we made it through that first one, and this one was tremendous as well!

I'll add a few more studio piccies to an album on my Facebook page soon, so keep checking there!

Happy crafting! Sara xx


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