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Just had to say...

Evening everyone

I've just spent the last couple of hours reading through all the lovely comments from my posts yesterday and I just had to take the time to say a massive heartfelt thank you. The response i've had has been overwhelming, and everyone's well wishes and great advice have just been amazing!

In response to a lot of comments - I PROMISE i'm looking after myself and i'm not overdoing it! And remember i've got the most unbelievable support network around me who are keeping a close beady eye on me, so there's definitely no chance of me being able to overdo it!

Speaking of which, I just had to share...

So John (Simon's Dad) has called round our house tonight to bring me some cookies! Even though i'm insisting that i'm not 'eating for two', he's insisting just as strongly that I need to put my feet up and have a treat! So i'm rationing myself to one a night (and if Simon plays his cards right then I might share!!). And then Kamala bless her, has made me a batch of special Almond Milk - which is what they advise pregnant ladies over in India to have - it's a special old recipe and is full of things which are super-foods for the baby.  So now after having read all your lovely comments, i'm off to put my feet up and watch a bit of TV with my milk and cookie!

Also, look what I spotted on my way out of the office tonight...

I probably shouldn't be sharing these yet, but the samples are starting to come in from our design team for our big launch in a new weeks - a fab new license featuring this super cute dog - Barkley. Well, when I spotted these baby-grows I was just drawn to them!! You would think the DT had known and had me in mind when they were making the samples! (They didn't, I promise!!) And wait til you see this little red baby book in real life - it's amazing! Leann's launching this next Friday on Create & Craft (the 12th) and obviously we'll send you more details nearer the time!

And finally I just had to share this picture of my lovely flowers! Jane from our design team sent me them yesterday which was just the sweetest gesture! And I love receiving flowers so after having had a day of them brightening up my office,  I've brought them home and made a display on the kitchen table - so huge thanks again Jane!

Awww and while i've been typing i've just had a text message off Anne-Marie from Hunkydory. It reads... "You and baby companion had better come and see me on Thursday! I will be in that green room waiting for hugs!!"

Bless her - she must have shows on Thursday as well! I'm on with the wonderful Miss Pujol at noon and then on again at 4pm - so hope you can tune in for the shows!

Right, must go! Got a hungry husband just arrived home from golf who needs feeding! Thank you all again so much for your fabulous well wishes!

Much Love, Sara xx

24 thoughts on “Just had to say...”

  • Nicky Leighton

    I think the DT wont mind if you keep the baby stuff :) So jelious

  • nicola

    hi sara hope u stay well hope u take care from nicola

  • nicola

    hi sara hope u stay well from nicola

  • linda Turner

    OOOH, Everything is Lovely, you lucky Lady, Enjoy the Pampering etc, while you can, Hugs xx

  • Sandra

    Hi Sara, we'll be following you even more so over the next few months. Keep well. Sx

  • Carol Fogg

    Thank you for including us all in your exciting news. My children are grown up now but I have a 6 year old grand-daughter that I simply adore. All I can say is enjoy all the fuss and pampering. Make the most of your children when they are young ,all of their firsts when they cant pronounce things properly, they try to crawl or walk, their first real smile, it is so much fun. I'm sure both sets of parents are looking forward to the event, I know I did. Congratulations and big hugs, Carol xxxxx

  • Amanda

    Congratulations on your news Sara! Sending you love and hugs, you will love being a Mum!. My two children are 14 and 12 and I still call them (much to their horror!!) my little babies! There's nothing like it, as people have mentioned all their 'firsts' - smiles, steps, teeth etc and they make you sooooo proud. I couldn't live without my children and they are the best thing that's happened to me!
    Congrats again and thanks for the sneaky peek, the lil dogs are soooo cute!
    Love from all of our family to yours xx

  • anne hunt

    knitting needles at the ready and cardigan on the go will be sending it asapxxx

  • Jane Carroll

    You are most welcome hun and you most definately deserve it!

    Hugs Jane xxxx

  • Julie Woolston

    I am pleased to hear Sara you are taking it easy, with all your support there's no doubt you will be looked after, there is only 5 weeks between you and Jodie my Daughter and we are so excited too as it's her first baby too.

    I love those baby vests and the images on them, this looking another fantastic collection I have to have, can't wait.

    Take care hugs Julie xxx

  • Marion Hinchley
    Marion Hinchley 3rd July 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Congratulations Sara and Simon on your exciting news, enjoy and cherish this special time. I have three wonderful children and worked until 2 weeks before their births, it's fine as long as you don't over do it :). I was your Member of the Month for December so I hope to see baby as MOM for December this year!

    My very best wishes to you all Marionxxx

  • Val Pittaway

    Just to say i am over the moon with your news,
    a big congratulations to you and your hubby.

    Val XX

  • Anne Hill

    Now I wonder how many babygrows receive hundreds no doubt....Glad to see you are taking things easy What about Simon is he too ?

  • Janene

    Make sure you are pampered and spoilt which I expect you will be :)

  • Ann Bell

    Congratulations to you both, be happy & enjoy this time in your lives.

  • sylvia bertham
    sylvia bertham 3rd July 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both. Dont forget to pamper yourself and take care.

  • Denise Lawrence
    Denise Lawrence 3rd July 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Not married, no boyfriend, no children or grandchildren.... but love everyone else loving being part of your great news. Make sure that Simon gets included all the way. xxx love and hugs to both of you...

  • Tina Card

    Congratutions on your's geat to be a mum...although mine have now grown up it's the 5 lovely grandchildren i have which i can spoil
    i shall be thinking of you and your family take care love to you all xxxxxx

  • Denys

    Lovely news, congratulations to you both I'm another one onto grandchildren now I have 4 and love them all to bits

  • Aileen Evans

    What lovely news, I'm so pleased for you all, both parents and grandparents. I've just become a granny 6 weeks ago to a lovely ( but noisy ) little boy so I know just what Sara's mum must be feeling. Enjoy every moment.

  • marilyn

    Congratulations to you both. Your parents must be over the moon, I was when my first
    granddaughter was born, the love you feel is overwhelming. I am so pleased for you all.
    Wonderful and precious times ahead. xxxxxx

  • Pauline

    Congratulations Sara and Simon. Wishing you all the very best throughout your pregnancy and onwards. My little grandson Jack was born in March this year. He is my first grand child and I love him to bits so please also pass my congratulations to the grandparents to be. Take care

  • debbie

    what great news injoy the baby years as before you know it there all grown up
    so really injoy the firsts
    and make sure you let the grandparents have there weekends as you will new the lillte break

  • alison

    Congrats to you and hubby wonderful news

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