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In the Journal

Well, I got a nice surprise text this morning from someone telling me there was a picture of me on the front page of the business section of our local paper! Hence I jumped out of bed and drove tot he local shop to buy up all the copies they had!!

It's the news we released a few weeks ago to the local press about our warehouse expansion. Following on from the recent developments in our company this year (we took on a whole new sales team of 6 people int he UK and 2 in Holland who are out 5 days a week working with our retail partners across the UK and Benelux areas), we're expanding our warehouse, packing facility and systems to accommodate the growth we're seeing already.

I showed Simon's mum and she came up with a cracking line - she asked what the 'investment in technical systems' was - if it meant we were putting Robot's in!?! (She looked a little disheartened when I said it was just big investments to improve our websites and software!!). I said who needs Robot's in our warehouse when we've got Simon's Dad in packing orders!! He's better than any Robot we could have!!

Anyway, I have to say a HUGE well done to my good friend Kirsty Wiseman who did an amazing job of managing to take this picture of me 2 weeks ago and do ti from such an angle so as not to accentuate my little bump! Although I have to say, when you know it's there I think it is just glaring you in the face! (but for all the other folks int he north east reading the paper this morning, they'll probably just think that the Crafter's Companion Founder is a little on the podgy side!!) Here's the original pic... (you'll see what I mean!!)

9 thoughts on “In the Journal”

  • Anne Hill

    You are glowing and rightly so. All good stuff and well done.

  • Cheryl Rathkamp
    Cheryl Rathkamp 9th July 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Congratulation! What a great surprise. You look wonderful.

  • carol elliott
    carol elliott 9th July 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Well done Sara I love all your stuff. Looking
    forward to the pick of the week on friday. Xx

  • Julie Woolston

    Well done Sara this is fantastic news,it's all excitement at CCHQ in lots of ways, you all work so hard to bring us all the fabulous product and launches, it's so nice to see a British company doing so well,

    Hugs Julie xxxx

  • Jane Walker

    Hi Sara, so great to see a great North East company doing so well, congratulations! Can I be cheeky? My other half has a racking company and he is interested to find out if you need a company to come in and sort out the racking for your warehouse extension? Let me know if you need his details, thanks Jane x

  • Pauline


  • Anne Brockman

    Well done Sara. It's nice to see a Craft Company doing so well and keeping it's customers informed of the changes. xxx

  • Gill Bottomley
    Gill Bottomley 11th July 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Hi Sara - brill news Crafters Companion is going from strength to strength

    Love and best wishes to all

  • Ruth Kay

    Hi Sara
    I hate to complain but I have to say I am bitterly disappointed with your new approach on "small" refunds, i.e. that you keep the money and make us take the refund in goods. This is a shabby, unethical business practice, enacted purely in the company's interest, with a total disregard for the customer, and is not what I would have expected from your company. I have always been proud to be a loyal customer, and have spent many hundreds of pounds with CC, but will think twice in future unless this shoddy business practice is stopped. If a supermarket overcharged you, would you expect to be told you couldn't have your money, but could have a cabbage instead? I presume it is a legal practice, but it is not ethical, nor is it justifiable for a company that is doing so well to deprive customers of their cash in this way. Please, please, please, Sara, don't let your company become arrogant and complacent towards your loyal customers - if you do you could find out they don't stay loyal for long.....
    Yours disappointedly, Ruth Kay

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