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Inside Lynne's Craft Room

Recently design team member Lynne Kontou shared a picture of her craft space on our Facebook page, and you all loved it (so did we!). We asked her to take us on a little tour, so we could share photos with all of you!

Are you ready for a closer look at where Lynne creates? She also shared a bit about her space, which we're re-posting below:

When it arrived flat packed and unpainted in the middle of December last year it was hard to picture what it could look like. After a very cold painful week and 3 coats of paint inside and out the shell was completed.

I wanted it to be pretty and as bright inside as possible so opted for white gloss paint, grey flooring with a splash of lemon.

My ‘hut’ is only 10 paces from my conservatory door so handy for a well stocked fridge of diet cola, essential to keep me going.

The desk, narrow drawers and book shelves are all from IKEA but my chair, which needed to be super comfy is from Dunelm.

I NEED everything to be tidy and super organised and HATE clutter of any sorts, so I try hard to keep everything in it’s place. HATE hunting for what I know I have. I ALWAYS clear away as much as I can at the end of the day, can't face starting a new day or a new project with a messy desk.

My large brown chest is still to be attacked with some paint and material but those clever people at Crafter’s Companion keep sending me new products to play with so haven’t yet found the time.

It’s great having everything in one place and I still love looking out from the house to see it and love people’s reaction when they see it.

I know you are all probably thinking it very small but as I have only been card making since last year it houses everything I need - I'm the type of crafter that as soon as I buy something I have to use it which means I don'y hoard lots of 'stuff' I wont use.

Top tips:
invest in a hand held vacuum cleaner
get as large a desk as you can afford space wise
label your storage and group types of products together


Thanks, Lynne, for that wonderful tour of your marvellous craft space, and for letting us share it here on our blog! Where do you create? Feel free to share some pictures of your space on our Facebook page!

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