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October Member of the Month

We're pleased to introduce you to our October Member of the Month! Read a bit about Lizabeth Rees, in her own words:

My name is Lizabeth Rees and about thirteen years ago I made my first card, yes I was hooked, over the years I have made lots of cards but I have kept that first one.

A number of years ago I began working with men and women suffering from P.T.S.D. One day I was speaking to a chap called Peter who kept fidgeting, so I passed him a pencil and paper and he began to doodle. Two days later, I introduced him to card making, later we had another meeting of ten men, all crafting.

Six months later, Peter introduced me to Joel, who is American, Joel became a craft convert and although he went back home, we did keep in touch. Every now and then we have an online craft session and Joel invited some of his friends to share his love of craft. Some had lost limbs, two suffered P.T.S.D. At night, when nightmares kept them awake, crafting can help to calm them.

You see whilst they are crafting they relax and their minds frees up. So they talk through issues that are normally too difficult to remember and it often stops them drinking.

A stroke forced me to retire so I took several courses at Telford College of Art & Technology and this added more dimension to my crafting, i.e. glass painting, beading, etc.. I wanted to continue working with these people who had become friends and I work closely with their professional team.

All my groups are in touch with each other, so you could say we help each other. We now have a friend in Vancouver, Canada. My dogs are always present at our meetings and they are known as the Glitter boys as they always have a glittered nose.

We sell as much as we can for "Help the Heros" both sides of the pond.

One thing that others might like to try:
We take a box into which we put cards some for family (i.e. mother, father, daughter etc.) some general sympathy, new home get well.

On the lid of the box we place a photograph of all the cards inside. These boxes make lots of money, or great raffle prizes.

One thought on “October Member of the Month”

  • Denise Irvine

    Hi Lizabeth I am a keen crafter and like you do cards I also do knitwear for babies children and adults. The love of knitting is a hobby I share with my mother and when not at home I like to be at my mothers home knitting. As for the card making that is a skill I learnt at a weekly craft group for people recovering from mental illness and I have to say that craftting in all it's forms is a help in being well and staying well I hope you raise alot of funds for help for heros as we approach I time of the poppy appeal run by the Royal British Legion

    Bye for now Denise

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