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Sneak peak inside my nursery

OK so after I put a post on facebook the other day about the inlaws helping me put the nursery together, loads of people have been asking to see how it looks, and it's all finished now (well, almost) so I took some pics today to share!

Even though we know we're having a little boy, I wanted to go neutral with the nursery - it's a bit more baby-like I think! Then he can have a blue bedroom when he's a bit older and more grown up!

photo 1b


I'm obsessed with having matching things, so I got everything from the same range in Mamas & Papas!

photo 3b

photo 4b

photo 5b


These pics are looking from the back of the room inwards, and you can see my special painting of BeBunni that was drawn just for me!

photo 1


Then i've got some of my lovely cards that people have sent up in the room, and I've been doing a big wash thisafternoon of all the lovely knitwear that people have been sending - so i'll post phorographs of those when I get chance this week - he's got some gorgeous stuff - this is going to look like one truly loved baby with all the gorgeous hand knitted stuff he has!!

photo 2


And i've been given loads of books as presents already! Someone even bought him the Beatrix Potter little set of books! So he'll be well read by the time he turns a toddler!

photo 3


Simon insisted that we give him the biggest room in the house, even though he'll be so tiny, so he's even got this little room extra (which will be great to keep toys in when he's older!)

photo 4


I've been using it to keep even more presents in... this is the hamper that 'auntie Dawn' made me (and her daughter, who is so excited about the baby, so i've said they need to come up and visit over Christmas so she can meet him!) and a gorgeous quilt that someone's made with popcorn images, and a keepsake chest (among the many fabulous hand made item's i've been sent - more posts and pics to follow on that front soon I promise!!)

photo 5


And bless his stuff looks so small hanging up in the big wardrobe!

photo 1c

photo 2c


Our helen bought him this... for bath-time snuggles!

photo 3c


Talking of which, i've even got the bathroom kitted out!

photo 4c

photo 5c


So if nothing else, at least I feel like i'm all sorted in the house!! Just need to get my head into gear and make sure i'm all sorted now! Exciting few weeks ahead!! Sara xxx

37 thoughts on “Sneak peak inside my nursery”

  • Celia

    Oh Sara its gorgeous, it looks so snug and peaceful , bet you are getting so excited , just wish you all the best and am sure you will be a yummy Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Elaine Rayworth

    A beautiful room Sara, won't be long now before there is a little person in that cot. So exciting, enjoy, they grow up so quickly!

    Elaine xx

  • Denise Lawrence

    Sara, this is beautiful. So clean and fresh and tidy. I just wonder how long it will stay looking like this.!! love to you both. xxx

  • Wendy Dyche

    It all looks great Sara. Time is going so quick and you will soon have your little man here. Treasure every moment cause they grow up far to quick xxx

  • Ali Wade

    So beautiful. Very peaceful and cosy. One very lucky little boy - and very lucky soon-to-be-parents. Cherish every moment. Ali x

  • Barbara Parkin

    Hi Sara, it looks beautiful and soo relaxing ,little baby will be so lucky to have a lovely Mammy like you xx

  • Jane Carroll

    Aww Sara it's gorgeous! Such a lucky little boy!

    Love to see the pic I made for you on the window shelf too :)

    Hugs Jane xxxx

  • Joey

    Sara your little ones nursery looks stunning, I love the neutral look :) he will love it in there. Your other half is right, give him the biggest room first, you would only have had to move later on, toys get bigger and bigger lol. Enjoy every second xxx


    So beautiful Sara. Im awaiting the arrival of my first Granddaughter in the new year. So excited to have the only girl in the family for years.One thing is for sure, your little boy will be so loved and spoilt rotten. Good Luck to you and your family. Hugs, x SUE

  • Grace Jarvis

    Great pictures - a bit of advice - put your littlew one in his own room from the word go - it worksfor everyome that way. Love the changing area. Good luck and keep well. xxxxx

  • Shirley

    Be very careful with the carrycot basket as they are quite flimsy and my sister dropped one of the handles getting her baby out of the car and the baby fell out of it onto the pavement, they really are not something you should carry around with baby in it. Your nursery is gorgeous and I wouldnt be surprised if that wardrobe is overflowing in no time with clothes for the little lad. Enjoy your time now because once he arrives it will be so noisy. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  • Claire Holden

    Sara, such a beautiful room and special time. Good luck for the delivery and we shall look forward to lots of photos of your new little man. Much love my dear. Xxx

  • Alicia

    Lovely very male nice color very neutral perfect and congratulation s when you due?

  • Vicky Johnson

    Sara the room looks lovely, I love the neutral look too x

  • Heather

    how stunning what a lucky little boy bet he gets spoiled lol
    Enjpy every moment and take lots of pics as they grow up far too quick (my baby boy is now 24 and it doesnt seem that long since he was a tiny little thing in his moses basket)

  • Karen Cogan

    Looks lovely and calming but one small addition before next summer maybe needed - blackout blinds - I learnt this early on xx

  • angela walley

    Sara the nursery looks amazing. Enjoy these last few weeks as a couple cos I promise you have no idea how much your lives will change. Its lovely of you to share so much of your life with ur facebook friends - i'm sure we all appreciate it.

  • Dawn

    What a perfect nursery Sara he's a lucky little boy! It brings back memories of doing our nursery as it nears the end you just cant wait to meet your baby. What kind of pram have you got? Please keep putting the pictures on, love seeing them xx

  • Liz reeves

    It is beautiful Sara. Xx

  • Yvonne Nash

    Oh sara this is a beautiful room. And have to agree with tje natural colours. So more sweeter than pinks and blues.
    Just adore the tatty ted robe. Helen has the best taste x x
    Just had my little grandson ... so now waiting for yoir little one .. babies for Christmas perfect present for you all x x

  • Jane Ritchie

    Hi Sara lovely to see the photos of the nursery and to see his quilt can't wait to see some photos of the little one when he arrives xx

  • Jude

    What a super nursery he has .My son in law cannot believe just how much "clutter" a new baby brings !!!!! My daughter used her rocking chair in labour and it was the best buy she has ever had .(her words not mine" Enjoy every moment they grow up so fast xx

  • Julie Woolston

    Absolutely beautiful Sara, love the neutral colours, bet you can't wait for his arrival it's so exciting, my little Grandson was born eight weeks early and weighed 3lb 8oz he now weighs 8lb 4oz and he's a little treasure we love him to bits.

    Hugs Julie xxxxx

  • Iris Vigo

    He is one lucky boy to have such a mummy and daddy/ The nursery is beautiful but I would not expect anything less from you. Love and best wishes and thank you for sharing

  • Sybil

    Looks wonderful ,bet you are very excited,,enjoy it all x

  • Kim Pritchard

    How beautiful Sara, he's a very lucky boy. You must be really excited now, not long to wait now. TFS Kim.

  • Colleen

    The nursery looks lovely, not long to wait now! I bet you are looking forward to a special Christmas together.

  • Margaret Moss

    Sara, everything looks beautiful, looking forward to see pics of the little man with his mummy!

  • Angie

    Simply Gorgeous! Your little Cherub would really be at home in such a delightful room.All the Best for the last few weeks ahead.

  • brenda trotman

    all i can see is love your son is a very lucky little boy show us his room in a few more years,children born this time of year are loving and kind i only say that was born in december good luck with the birth oh oh oh

  • diane

    sara it is a truly wonderful room for you and your baby to relax

  • Jan Perry

    Thank you so much Sara for the guided tour of your beautiful nursery what a lovely idea, I love the neutral colours, it all brings back very happy memories of our nursery even after 43 years!! lol I wish you good luck with the birth and enjoy every moment of your new little boy xxx

  • Shirley Manktelow

    Nursery looks beautiful, have worked hard. He'll be one lucky boy.hope he arrives on oldest sons' 45.birthday,and one of the loveliest kindest sons I could ever wish for.

  • Anne Hill

    Bless you all he will arrive when he feels fit and not a minute earlier.....needless to say Simon has the route planned with precision timing Take good care and look forward to the updates the little mans room is wonderful xxx

  • Gill Bottomley

    Wow - he will be the luckiest little boy in the world - the Nursery looks amazing - I love the neutral colours - I bought all my sisters bits from Mamas and Papas when she was expecting my niece and we were both thrilled with everything.

    Not long to go now – we are all excited about meeting him.

    Love and best wishes

  • Edith Crank

    Sara lovely gentle room word of advise don't be afraid to say to people please ring before you come even family
    you need time with husband and son you will be more tired than you think, and don't let diff people keep picking
    him up the baby will start to get upset and also germs around this time of year coughs and colds.
    wishing you a safe and happy delivery.

  • Penny

    What a beautiful nursery, it's a shame to use it - I know replicate the nursery in another room and have to one to look at and one to use haha. No seriously it's perfect and soon there will be a beautiful little boy to use it. Wishing you all the best x

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