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Club Inspire

Baby Shower

Well, we had an AMAZING night last night! Our Helen (my sister) organised a baby shower for me.... none of us had ever been to a baby shower before, but from what i can gather, it's basically just an excuse to get all your best girlfriends together and drink lots of champagne (that is, unless your the mum to be and you have to do with sparkling pretendy wine!!) and play silly games and open presents!!

Firstly, she organised everyone making a buffet - I tell you what - we should go into this professionally!! My mum made canape's, Kamala cooked a whole host of indian food (her specialty!), mum-in-law took friday off work to bake pies and allsorts, Leann and Meg made some amazing brownies and cakes, and my friend Fiona made the most amazing chocolate fruit cake i've ever tasted!!


There's no denying. Leann really does make the best brownies in all of england!!

photo 7



And our helen's friend (who unfortunately couldn't make it as she was poorly) baked some lovely blue baby cupcakes!


This is the amazing chocolate fruit cake I was telling you about... I hid it in the pantry at 10pm so that I can keep it for when we get visitors over the next few weeks!

photo 5a

And look what my mum made... how impressive is this!!! I was so chuffed, and couldn't bring myself to eat any!!

photo 3a

Then Helen had organised loads of fun games and a quiz, and then we had presents.. boy did we have presents!! I was so lucky, and received some fabulous gifts from people....


My nana did a great job of keeping me right when I opened them and passing them round for everyone to see!



And the girls had even bought presents for dad (or presents for the little man that dad-t0-be could open...) his favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory, so Meera and Kamala bought the baby this little baby grow... he LOVED it!

photo 32

Then Helen had bought some plain white baby-grow's and split people into teams and they had to decorate their baby grows in a way that represented how they were friends with me... it was INSPIRED!! And i've got some fancy decorative baby grows to hang on the nursery wall.

photo 31

photo 20

photo 15

photo 12

Anyway, it was a fantastic party, and I was desperate to share the pics with everyone - there are more pics on my facebook page too... So HUGE thank you to my amazing sister and fabulous friends for making it such a special time!! Lots of love Sara xxx

26 thoughts on “Baby Shower”

  • Julie Woolston

    How fabulous looks like a good time had by all.

    Hugs Julie xxxx

  • Chevvy

    Nice to see all the home made food :) How wonderful that so many took their precious time to make and bake for you. Your very well thought of !

    best of all with your baby :)

  • Susan Mulholland
    Susan Mulholland 1st December 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Looks like u had a wonderful fun filled evening Sara. xx

  • Lee Stephenson

    Fantastic, all the very best over the next few weeks for the arrival of your bundle of joy x hope it all goes brilliantly for you and what a fab christmas you will have x

  • Chrissy

    Looks like you all had loads of hugs and best wishes xxxx

  • Tracy woods

    Hi just won't to wish you all the luck when your little man comes enjoy your time resting before he comes good luck to both of you

  • Denyse coughlan

    Looks as if you all had a fabulous time and you look positively glowing! Cannot wait to see the first baby pics, all the best to you both (and a half!) Denyse xxx

  • Janet Nash

    It looks like everyone had a good time and I thought the decorating of the babygros was a great idea with some great results. Good luck for the future and enjoy your ' waiting time' it will soon vanish and before long your little baby boy will have arrived and turned your world upside down in the nicest possible way. Enjoy.

  • Anne Hill

    So pleased you had a wonderful time enjoy getting your feet up now ! Hope all goes well big hugs to you both Anne x

  • chrissie

    Looks like a fab party with LOTS of food :) The baby-grows are a lovely touch. I hope you scrapbook this as a wonderful memory for you and your family
    Enjoy your baby - they grow so quick!!!

  • Carole Cooper

    The food looks amazing, glad you all had a fab time. It won't be long now and your little man will be there looking for lots of hugs and kisses. Hope all goes well for you xx

  • Lynne Gee

    What a great party ! You all looked as though a super time was had by all. Make the most of the time now before baby arrives to get plenty of rest, as life will be so busy when you have your "little man", but such joy's are to come.... Enjoy every minute.

  • Lynette Merchant

    What a fabulous idea decorating the baby grows; looks like you all had a fabulous time and I have to say, the buffet looks amazing!! Looking forward to seeing the little fella soon xx

  • Sharon Noble

    Hiya Sara, thank you for sharing the baby shower and Heens birthday ..happy birthday Helen. .. It looked like a fabulous time was had all the very best for the safe arrival of master Davis can't wait to see his picture all the best xxxx hugs Sharon xxx

  • joan

    I wish you well SARA on you're delivery enjoy all you can has it really does pass very swiftly, thinking of you and you're new family best wishes for the season to one and all ..

    Joan Bagshaw

  • joan

    good luck and best wishes for the coming event SARA , also happy Christmas to the new family,

  • Audrey M C Shaw

    Hello Sara, thank you for sharing your baby shower with "us". Hubby and I are "playing the waiting game" too!! Our first grandchild (sex unknown) is due. Wishing you and your hubby all the best for the safe arrival of Master Davis xxxx

  • Denise Lawrence

    Lovely pictures of what looks like a fun time for you all. Look after yourself now. The next pictures will hopefully be of your new son.
    Love and hugs Denise xxx

  • Joan Cutts

    You all seemed to have a great time, and the food looks wonderful, you all seem to have so much fun together.
    But do have a good rest now as soon you will be rushed off your feet!
    Loving all the special price goodies on the website.
    Kep up the good work and take care.
    good Luck.

  • Muriel Milne

    Your baby shower looke fabulous. I wish you all the luck with your new addition to your family when he make his appearance.
    All my love and best wishes two you and your husband,
    From Muriel

  • Hanna Casserly

    It certainly looks like a good time was had by all. At least you were sure not to have the hangover LOL
    All good wishes for the safe delivery of your son. God. Bless

  • Wendy

    lovely food and presents, I just want to wish you luck for the birth of your lovely baby and hope to see you all soon again on TV
    love and best wishes wendy

  • karen reynolds

    your party looked amazing was very impressed with your mums watermelon pram it looked fantastic, where did they get the baby grow with the kitty thing on it as my neice has just found out she is expecting and would love that?
    Wishing you all the very best to yourself & family when the wee one arrives.
    karen reynolds

  • s pennell

    congratulations hope u will all av many happy years as a family x

  • Penny

    Wow the pram craved out of melon is a true work of art and all the food looked 'yummie' but I can't get over the pram. You obviously had a lovely evening with your friends and family and look forward to the announcement of your little boy. Take care, god bless x

  • Helen Kington

    It certainly looks like you had a good time. Enjoy your short spell of rest and don't forget sleep when your baby sleeps. Would Leanne share her recipe for brownies? Helen xx

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