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Club Inspire

Member of the Month: January 2014

We're so thrilled to introduce you to our very first Member of the Month for 2014! Please meet Angela!


My name is Angela and I was honoured and delighted to be named Member of the Month.

I’ve been crafting on and off since I was about seven when I started to knit and crochet but I started card making about 10 years ago when I found I couldn’t buy a birthday card for my mum which didn’t contain a sappy poem. My mum doesn’t do twee! I went to our local craft shop, bought a few blanks, some flower toppers and a sheet of peel offs and a new card maker was born. To be fair, it has taken over although I still knit and cross stitch at times, mostly for gifts.

Since then, with all these wonderful things coming out on the market to help us all improve and such wonderful people to inspire and share their ideas, I almost cringe at such early attempts - they seem so poor compared to what I can achieve now.

As for my charity card making, that started when I was asked to make some cards for a friend to sell at a fete for charity. I found it a really useful way to use up some bits and bobs as well all those scraps we all hang on to just in case!

Four years ago I asked all my friends and family to give me their cards for me to recycle as I realised they make ideal toppers. All I had to do was a bit of matting and layering, add the bling and ribbon and done. That first year I made about 200 cards and delivered them to various charity shops where they were gratefully received. The next year, I did the same and made about 600.

Then I had the bright idea of asking the whole firm of solicitors where I work to help by giving me cards. I was astonished by the response as I was soon inundated (we do have about 300 people working in our various offices). By the time I had sorted them all out, I had 4 large boxes of toppers, cut and ready to go. My husband thought it hilarious that in June, I was sitting in my crafting shed in the garden, singing Christmas carols and making Christmas cards. It soon shut him up when I counted up and I had made 1146!

This year, I did the same again. I started in June with so many gorgeous toppers from last year’s cards, I was spoilt for choice as to where to start. Out came the centura pearl for the snowflakes and ribbons, card candi and gems and of course, the glamour dust. Two hours later I could hear my husband laughing in the house. I looked out and where the breeze had picked up some of my glamour dust, my whole patio was glittering prettily in the sun. Unfortunately, my dog had decided to have a nap right in the middle of the patio and as my husband laughed even louder, he got up to leave a blank patch on the patio but he was sparkling beautifully – it took me three days to brush it all out of him!

All laughter aside, I made 1235 cards this year, so every charity shop in Swindon where I live (that I can get to as I can’t drive) received about 100 cards each. I try and include everyone as so many people need help these days and with the financial climate as it is, more and more charities rely on donations as they can’t get Government grants, I like to do what I can. I don’t have much money, but I can give in this way and, as they say, every little helps.

Crafters are amongst the most generous people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, not just with ideas but encouragement and support and I would like them all to know how much I appreciate this as I prepare for this year’s flood of cards to start arriving in a few weeks time.

I understand my story is going to be on Crafter’s website in the New Year so I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (I hope you got the crafting item/s you have most been wishing for) and a Happy New Year to all.

Take care and Happy Crafting,

12 thoughts on “Member of the Month: January 2014”

  • Angie Slater

    You deserved to win, you come across as a very lovely person. I do hope 2014 will bring you much joy and happiness my best wishes for a wonderfull time. Xx

  • Julie Woolston

    Wow Angela what a lovely story, you did so well with your charity cards I can't believe how many you made, you are more than welcome to have all my Christmas cards I received if you wish, if your on FB pm me your address and I will send them to you.

    Hugs Julie xxxxx

  • Lesley Pyle

    Hi Angela!
    Well done on your selection. I just had to comment as I found your story such fun! I actually laughed out loud when I read the bit about your dog sparkling in the sun!!!
    It is a fabulous idea recycling the cards for charity.
    I hope you don't mind but i would love to do the same in my area only I can't work and don't have quite as many contacts as you have so I shall wrack the little grey cells and try to find a way of bagging lots of used cards too!
    Once again. well done and happy 2014
    Lesley x

    • Angela Clayton

      Hi Lesley, I also go round the sales at this time of year as all the card shops are selling off boxed cards for peanuts! I bought 3 boxes of 20 cards for £1.50 yesterday and 14 money wallets for £1 - all will make extra toppers really cheaply, especially as some of the cards have 2 areas that can be cut - I think I'll get about 100 cards out of these alone, with a bit of luck. Another tip which a friend of mine does, ask in the local charity shops - they will often give you all their personal cards as well - especially if you say you just want the front - most of ours will give them to me in the hope they'll gat them back! Hope this helps. Have fun and take care, Angela xx

  • Anne Hill

    Angela well done you....If you are anything like me and from the sound of your article you are so will understand its the pleasure while you are making the cards that makes it all worth while.
    Keep up the good work Anne.

  • Freda Tinson

    Hi Angela, and Congratulations. I live in your area and would love to pass on cards etc. A friend moved house and gave me a lot which I will never use , and I'd like to pass them to someone who would use them. I am not on FB. Perhaps we can get in touch, any ideas?

    • Angela Clayton

      Thanks Freda, Meg got in touch so I have emailed you details and thank you again for your consideration and help. XX

  • Angela Clayton

    Hi Anne, it's always a pleasure to craft and I can imagine the joy some of my cards may bring to folk at this time of year - it makes it all worthwhile! xx

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