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Oliver's first month


Well I don't know where the time has gone! Yesterday Oliver was a month old!! I have been meaning to upload some pictures for ages now but I just can't get enough time to myself to get the laptop fired up, but I'm sat here tonight, hubby is over in Anaheim with Leann and co for the CHA show so my mum is over staying, and i'm sitting feeding and have come to the realisation that I need to get used to multi-tasking if I'm to get anything done now (so please excuse any typo's but one finger typing isnt easy!)

Anyway the picture above is when he was just 10 minutes old and Daddy was looking after him while they were getting me all sorted (I had a natural unassisted birth, 13-hour induced labour and he was born at 6:15 am on 7th December - 2 weeks premature). Them here he is with his dad after a few hours.


I'll be honest - there's not many pictures at all of me in hospital (as I looked dog-rough for days after!) but heres one - I used to sit with him down my top for lots of skin to skin contact



He is just SO cute though - I took literally hundreds of photo's!




They taught me hot to bath him while he was in hospital and after his first bath was the first time we managed to capture him with his eyes wide open




I stayed in hospital 2 nights (I was really keen to breast-feed so I stayed an extra night to get the help and support learning the technique with the midwives) and so we came home on the monday and its been a lovely time of year to be off on maternity leave because it meant Simon could take extra time off and just work half-days, and so we've just been settled at home and I spent pretty much the first 2 weeks barely out of my dressing gown!




It's also been great with everyone being off over Christmas. Our Helen (my sister) has been GREAT with him - she's taken to auntie-hood perfectly! Bless her, she lives down south in Banbury, and one saturday she did the 400 mile round trip jsut to come and spend a few hours with him on the afternoon!




She's getting the hang of the nappy changes great! And she's actually driving up tomorrow evening and she's taken a few days off next week so she's babysitting the 2 of us these next few days while Simon's still away! (Bless!)



Anyway, fast forward a few weeks, and at 2 weeks old he started to pull the funniest faces! We call them his 'old man faces'!




Christmas was just perfect (well it would be - we had the best present ever!). Every year I always have everyone over to us for Christmas, so I didn't see why this year should be any different - however for the first time I did accept some help with the dinner! I had 14 round (all the inlaws and the outlaws and the Vijay's as usual) so everyone chipped in with a bit of the cooking so I just had the veggies to do along with our Helen

IMG_3838 IMG_3843


It was good to have so many babysitters on hand - here he is with great nana eileen (my mam's mam!)




Then boxing day we always go round to my mam's, and because I had nothing to do all day other than get myself ready, I decided to make a real effort, put my new dress on and try this whole 'yummy mummy' thing! Here I am with my ma and our Helen all glammed up!



And with the baby and my one mini-glass of champagne (with breast feeding I can't really stretch past a half glass otherwise i'll end up with a drunk baby!)




How cute does he look in his little reindeer outfit though!?!


Anyway, since the christmas break, and now everyone is getting back into the swing of things  i've tried to get into some sort of a routine, so ive been trying to get out with the pram every day (weather permitting!). I've got a smashing big Silver Cross pram that I bought 2nd hand from some friends - its a proper big sturdy one made for walking the roads so that's exactly what ive been doing!



Anyway, that should give you a bit of an insight into my hectic but amazing last month - believe it or not ive been on 3 hours typing this and now its Oliversbedtime so id better call it a night! I have loads more pictures though so I promise to get them uploaded soon!

Big Hugs from both of us!! Sara xx

45 thoughts on “Oliver's first month”

  • Bren

    brilliant pics hun, what a lovely family you have :) like to wish you all a very happy healthy 2014 xxxxx

  • Rachel Burkett

    Hi Sara,

    it was really lovely looking through your comments Hun, it brought back so many memories and yes they grow up so so quickly. So you make sure you take lots of photos and videos (more so) my boy is 8 now, just don't know where the years have gone. Take care and I look forward to the next chapter in the Sara's Memoirs.

    Lots of hugs

    Rachel xxx

  • Marie Poole

    Sara he is just so beautiful and you look stunning. I had a pram like that with my first daughter who is now 43 years old. They are lovely prams. Well done getting back into a routine as it is so hard when you have your first baby and this must have been even harder for you as you had him just before Christmas but what a lovely pressie for everyone xxxx

  • Doreen Stone Sheldon
    Doreen Stone Sheldon 9th January 2014 at 11:54 pm

    Sarah it's lovely of you to share this wonderful part of your family life, I feel like I'm part of it. Baby Oliver is so lovely and munchable xxx

  • Sandra YHibberd

    Hi Sara,
    And of course Simon and Oliver, these pictures are absolutely stunning you are settling into being a mummy great, and as you have put on face book you are getting used to doing things one handed , so you had no trouble typing all this with just one finger. You should be so proud of your little boy he is so beautiful and you look great as it is only a month since you gave birth , look after yourself and keep well sara xx

  • Elizabeth Dixon

    Thank you so much for sharing Sara, I love it. Look forward to seeing the next ones.
    Happy New Year to you all xx

  • Yvonne Nash

    What an amazing mummy you are.
    I love your pushchair and I still think the huge silvercross pushchairs are the best.
    I had one that I used for all three of mine. Mosr comfortable pushchairs for little ones.

    Love the picture with him down your top. Such a beautiful moment captured.
    He has so many lovely female and male roles around him the sky is the limit fir him.
    So much has happened for you last month... look forward to the next instalment of ypur lives.

  • Liz Reeves

    Thank you so much Sara for sharing this special time with us. You enjoy your time with him . He is so beautiful and you look stunning. They grow up so fast . My babies are 40 and 42 now and my youngest grandchildren are 11. Time goes so fast. But like you I have loads of photos which will give you so many Happy memories. My children and grandchildren love to spend time looking through my photo albums. We look forward to your next blog. Take care. Love to you all. Xx

  • Sue Hickey

    Thanks for sharing your special time Sara make the most of your time with Oliver take lots of photos time goes so quickly take care hugs to you all xx

  • Jackie Dawes

    I am so pleased for you. Enjoy and treasure every moment you have with Oliver as all too soon they are grown up and fly the nest. Best wishes to you all x

  • Shirley

    Sara I loved looking at your smashing photos you look so happy. Lots of luck and happiness to you all. Xx

  • Grace Jarvis

    great blog what an amazing mummy and baby I'm sure you'll find yourself getting into a routine to fit work, rest and play - all important. Thanks and take care

  • chris chanter

    Hi Sara, glad you are enjoying being a mum. Babies grow so fast enjoy each day with your son. I have just retired from my job as a community maternity care assistant. It was lovely to read how you spent time getting to know your baby and not worried about going out. Dressing gowns are good. Hope the breast feeding is still going OK. You and Simon have taken to being parents so well enjoy every day. Take care lovely pictures. Now i have time I can focus on my crafting more take care x ❇

  • Betty Mulder

    Hi Sara,
    It's lovely to see the pictures of such a happy family.
    And Oliver looks very adorable.
    With love from Holland.

  • Jocelyn

    Such Lovely photos and thank you so much for sharing. xx

  • Fiona Hamilton

    Well done on achieving your first month. So pleased that you are breast feeding. It is the most wonderful thing you can do for your baby and it really annoys me that so many new mum's either don't try or give up after a day! There will be days when you find it hard going as all wants to do is sickle, but just go with it as Ollie is just wanting quality mummy time. Before you know it this special time will be over and you will wonder where the time went. Take lots of photos and enjoy the moments. I fed both of my kids until they were over the year. It is the most amazing time and when they were wee they didn't get as many bugs as many of their non breast fed friends got. One piece of advice that I was given that I share with all new mum's is that you must take time for yourself. It can be just going for a candle lit bath or sitting reading a book, but try and have someone else on baby duty so you don't get disturbed!

    • sara

      thank you fiona - it has been tough going but I know i'm doing the best thing possible for my baby that way, so it's 110% worth persevering!!!

  • Mandy Mater

    Thank you for sharing not just gorgeous pics of your little bundle but how much it changes your life when you have a family. Its the most wonderful thing and it takes alot of getting used too! lol Both you and Simon look amazing in the pics and little Oliver is truly blessed with a lovely family that love him very much! Its also nice to see you relaxing and enjoying being a new mum. I'm looking forward to the next month's pictures. Xx

  • Ann

    Hi Sara Love all the photos of you all and little Ollver he is so lovely. Happy new year to you and your lovely family.
    And we see photos of your silver cross pram please I hade one 52 years ago and 2 of my grandchildren use it as well and would love to see your.

  • Julie

    It was lovely looking through all your pictures you have one special little boy, he is absolutely adorable and you look amazing too. I love Oliver's reindeer outfit he looks gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing your last month with us all.
    Sending love and hugs Julie xxxxx

  • Shirley

    Beautiful photos Sara and it looks as if you are doing a brilliant job of the breast feeding as hes blooming and so are you, and it does help to get the pre mummy tummy back to normal. Congratulations and do take some rest so you can build up your milk as to much running around will deplete it, you couldnt do a better job on raising a beautiful baby. And thank you for taking time out to show us the photos. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxx

  • sue ellenden

    I have enjoyed seeing all your photos of Oliver, hes is so gorgeous. Xxx

  • Evelyn

    Hi Sara I loved reading your blog and seeing your photos. He is a real cutie. Enjoy him as he will grow so quickly. Thank you for sharing. Look after your self and take it easy.xx

  • Julie Anderson

    Just lovely Sara. So happy for you. Oliver's a real sweetheart. Xxx

  • Maggie Barrett

    Such a joy to have the opportunity to see " a month in the life of" Baby Oliver and all your lovely family, Sara. Don't push yourself too hard by trying to do everything yourself; take the time to enjoy all the different stages that happen day by day and take a little time for yourself. One day it will just all click into place. If it's any consolation, it took me a full 3 months to establish a routine as I didn't have family living close by when I had my first son. but one day as if by magic, it all fell into place! Thank you for sharing your precious photo's, Sara, and good luck for the future. Love and hugs, Maggie xx

  • Elaine

    Hi Sara

    I am the mum to a set of IVF twins (they will be 21 in February). I recommend taking one of Oliver's first outfits and putting it in a box frame and hanging it up to remind you of how small he once was .

    My twins were born at 36 weeks and I had to buy premature baby outfits as all the smallest clothes in the standard sizes drowned them. Their little pink and blue outfits still hang in my bedroom. My young nieces have loved this idea and have now done the same with their babies first outfits .

    I had a boy, Andrew and a girl , Stephanie. They are both in their 4th year at Uni - Steph is in Glasgiw Uni and Andrew is in Abertay Uni, Dundee but no matter how grown up they are now I have their 1st outfits behind glass. Great to look at every night. They hang above my bed

    I also videoed them from day 1 till they were about 7. (I videod them since then but not as much)

    I used to set the video up running in their playroom to see how they played when mum was not in the room - the footage is precious.

    Stephanie could make every item look as if it was the greatest toy on earth then I would see Andrew steal it from her and he could not have the fun with it she had so he would discard it. All this would not perhaps have happened if mummy was in the room lol. Try it when Oliver is a bit older.

    Enjoy his baby stage it does not last ! Lol very soon you will be picking up his dirty jeans and socks strewn on his bedroom floor (my twins were home for Christmas and there I was back picking up discarded boy clothes lol. Stephanie is much tidier.

    Congratulations to you both on the birth of your lovely son, Oliver.

  • Jean

    What a you to see your beautiful baby, with all your family. You will have many happy years to come. hugs Jean xx

  • Mark

    Lovely pictures. Such a joy to have a little baby in the house eh! I should know we had four!! For someone who has a such a long string of accomplishments, you just increased those exponentially!! Nothing compares to the joys (oh yes and occasional challenges!) of being a parent.
    All the VERY best to you and Simon
    See you soon

  • Joy Amey

    soooooo happy for you and Simon baby Oliver is adorable enjoy him while you can they grow so quick. Your staff are doing a magnificent job while your off.Thank you for sharing your moments in pictures. sending hugs to all.x

  • Carolyn Chilton

    Thank you for sharing your little bundle of joy. You look so happy and fulfilled, there is nothing quite like holding your precious baby in your arms and gazing down at him. Wishing many wonderful years together (and perhaps a brother or sister for Oliver) lots of love ,Carolyn xxx

  • Sharon Noble

    Hiya Sara, it's wonderful that you have had an amazing month and are so happy. The little ones a wee smasher you'll be fighting the girls off him in a few years. Happy new year xx many thanks for making me smile after a difficult few months xxx

  • Monica Knight

    Thank you Sara, I feel very privileged to have seen all these lovely, happy, personal pictures. You look so happy and you should, Oliver is a beautiful baby and you a beautiful mum. Best wishes to you all and thank you, Monica.

  • Dawn

    Thank you for taking the time to put on these lovely photos I enjoyed looking at them all and reading your comments, you have a gorgeous baby and a lovely family, and your house isn't bad either!! Can't wait until we see you on C and C even if its just briefly as you must have your hands full. Looking forward to seeing Leann over the weekend bet she's so excited.Take care xx

  • Wendy L

    So cute, lovely to see the family too. xxx

  • Lyn Skey

    Great to see pictures time fly's so he will change a awful lot so keep us posted x

  • Doris Mcewan

    Hi sara just joined the crafters companion, and have been looking forward to seeing your little boy, congratulations, he is a wee gem, looking forward to seeing you back on createandcraft soon, take care. Regards Doris. X

  • Allison Dorrian

    Yourself and baby oliver are looking just perfect. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2014. Working with one hand is mastered now is always eating your food and drink cold lol as baby oliver will know. Take care x x

  • lynn w

    hello sara i met you once at strikes garden centre i have a lovely picture of us i dont suppose you would remember me as you meet thousands of crafters but i was just looking to see if you have had your baby and i see you have had i didnt knowwhen you was due but thought you must have had the baby now and what a lovely little boy he is well done to you treasure him my two boys are in there 3o ts it doesnt seem 5 min s as your mam will telll you the same anyway just wanted to say well done all the best lynn from near york all the best sara xxxxx

  • Janet Turner

    Sara, thanks for the photos. Baby Oliver is the cutest ever! We will be watching all his milestones thru his mam's camera lens and enjoy the journey with you. Bless you.

  • seph

    hi sara
    hope you are all well missin u on c and c he id lovley love pics hope u ad a good xmas and akk the best for the new year

  • Margaret Moss

    Hi Sara, thanks for sharing your lovely pics with us,Oliver is gorgeous! It's great that you have so much family support, enjoy every minute, love Margaret.

  • Ruth

    Enjoy evert moment

  • patricia

    oh how beautiful you both look i know i don't have to tell you but savour every moment take care of yourself love and best wishes patricia xxx

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