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Club Inspire

Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencil Range


Coming in Spring 2014, the Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils range are an exciting addition to the Spectrum Noir family. With 120 pencils in total, divided into five 24-set pencil collections, along with accessories to help you get the most from your Spectrum Noir coloring.


There are two core and three themed sets in the Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils collection. The core colors ('Essentials' and 'Primaries') cover everything from flesh to floral and everything in between.


The three themed sets ('Marine', 'Floral' and 'Natural') each give you a wide range of color themed pencils.


To complement the Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils, there is a range of accessories, including blending pencils, solution and a sharpener, all designed to help you get the most from your coloring.


Stop by the information page on the Spectrum Noir website for more details about our Blendable Pencils and accessories!!

15 thoughts on “Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencil Range”

  • Beryl Tyler

    They will be mine! Can't wait for them to be released.(OK - I know I'll have to but I'm impatient.)
    Beryl xx

  • Anne Davies

    WOW! These pencils look fantastic....can't wait to see them (and Leanne) in action at the CHA later today Want them all! .....OOh so excited. Another fantastic product from the very talented CC team. Good luck at the show I'm sure it will be FANTASTIC!

  • Carole Furse

    Just watched the demonstration with Lianne from USA and must say they look amazing. The only thing is some of the colours in the 5 tins look to be duplicated. Makes me want to try and have a go though

  • Sarah Eatwell

    When will these be released for sale please??

  • Julie Woolston

    Wow these pencil look fantastic, the effects you get from them are amazing, can't wait to get mine.
    Hugs Julie xxxx

  • Ruth Kay

    want want want want want :-)

  • Polly

    Mine have been shipped, wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Cant wait to play.

  • Anne Hill

    My pencils arrived yesterday when I got home from a craft workshop being tired it was a quick look and a stroke of the black pencils almost too good to keep shut away..... Well I have spent the morning getting to know them and have tried some shading samples on card and really pleased with them, I then tried them on my parchment projects and really cant express how absolutely brilliant they are! I have had to have the full set as It just wouldn't be right not too, I have lots of work to experiment with so just another thank you for bringing more pleasure into my craft room ( my hubby John can't believe his look these days having the TV remote to himself)

  • Barbara Bound

    I have been very impatient waiting for these pencils but it has been worth the wait. They are by a long way the best pencils I have owned ( and I really like colouring in!) All other crafting has fallen by the wayside since they arrived (early) while I have been trying out the whole range of colours. So easy to blend and achieve a wonderful depth of colour but also able to apply as a light colour wash. I already owned the paper stubs and blending fluid so was ready to go. I have tried on all different paper textures and every one looks stunning. Thank you so much for bringing these pencils to your range, much as I like alcohol pens, at heart I am a pencil girl and am really enjoying the wonderful effects I am achieving with these. Look forward to Leanne's dvd as I am sure there is so much more I can learn. Must go I have more to colour and then make up some cards to place them on. Thank you again.

  • Nicole

    Just wondering did anyone order the accessory kit with their pencils? I ordered it and can't remember whether or not there should have been blending solution as part of it? Thanks

  • Heather

    What month will the bendable pencils be on sale so that I can be sure to purchase them,cannot wait

  • margaret

    seem to have been waiting forever for these pencils, Spring is here where are the pencils ?????????????????????????????????

  • Cath Godfrey

    I have been playing about with my new Pencils and I can't wait for the other tin to arrive. Hubby, still trying to suck up after ruining my club inspire badge and my favourite crafting cardigan has only went and bought me all 5 tins of Spectrum Noir Pencils, the sharpner, the sand Paper, stumps and a a bottle of blending solution off ebay. I'm not even bothered that he has bought doubles of the 2 tins that I've just bought from the CC site. (already re-gifted them for my daughters Birthday and I know she will love them as much as I do.) I feel really bad at having a go at him for not buying the pencils (cheaper I might add) straight from Crafter's Companion and sending me well on my way to being a silver member! So I'm going to make him a special card to say I love you and thanking him for supporting me in my new goal, going for Gold! I figure that I can talk him into getting me the pens and a couple of DVD's in time for Christmas. (just planing ahead) Now I can't wait for my own set of Floral's to arrive. I'd hate to have to open that tin I wrapped up so carefully this morning. So hopefully they will be back in stock soon. One thing I haven't been able to see is the 'blender' pencil that is in the leaflet. (which is where hubby made his shopping list, I don't know what he will say when he finds out how many pens there are. lol) Is the blender available to buy on it's own? So I'm having a colouring fest this weekend what's everyone else up to?


  • jane dyer

    I have been using Karisma crayons a beautiful soft blendable crayon.. made in the US for years now.. and bought up the last of the stock I could find.. once these are used up I will be looking to you to get some of these.. however.. how will I know whether they are suited to me without buying boxes full first.
    Will all the bigger shops have them in stock.. my nearest crafting shop is Art of Craft in North Camp near Aldershot Hants.. just wondered.. this particular set would be my first choice.. folloed closelyy be the blues.. as I was a gardener many years ago for my job and I love the sea.. I will be watching the TV at 9pm tonight.from Jane Dyer

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