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Club Inspire

Getting ready for QVC shows!

I've got a busy week this week! Technically I'm still on maternity leave but a HUGE opportunity came up with QVC America, and I just couldn't turn it down!

They've not been really in to craft for awhile, and with the recent growth market they've decided to get involved again! I'm honoured to have been invited to be a headline guest presenter for the new CraftCorner starting next Wednesday at 3pm Eastern US time (that'll be at 8pm here!).

I'm taking my favourite Ultimate Pro on the show, as well as our Spectrum Noir markers and the fabulous Frou Frou CD. Have a look at some of the tremendous samples the team has made for me to take:





Main colour purple 1

Main colour torquise 1

Did you see recently on my Facebook page that'd I'd taken Olly to the passport office? Well I couldn't make this trip without him (and Simon of course)! I might never be finished packing though....Oliver's case is bigger than mine!

We fly over this Wednesday for a training seminar Thursday. It seemed silly to fly back home for the weekend, so we'll take Oliver sightseeing over the weekend. But I've heard they've already got a foot of snow and are expecting another storm, so I'm not sure what we'll see!

I'll be sure to keep you updated here and on Facebook with how our flight was and get some behind-the-scenes pics too!

Sara xx

22 thoughts on “Getting ready for QVC shows!”

  • Fiona C

    Wow - what an opportunity . Good luck ( and here's hoping Olly sleeps, (PS has anyone given you the tip of ensuring you feed him / give him a dummy to suck on for the landing? It'll help equalise the pressure in his ears ) xx

  • Julie Woolston

    Oh wow Sara what a fantastic opportunity, the samples are stunning as always and little Oliver on his first flight, of course you couldn't leave him at home, I hope you all have a fab time in between working.

    Hugs Julie xxx

  • Lynn (delphinoid)

    Such a wonderful opportunity for you Sara! It's completely understandable that you take Oliver and Simon with you, being that it's Oliver's first flight it's nice that you all share it together. I hope you all have a wonderful time and you all enjoy the time there when you're not busy with QVC. I hope Oliver enjoys his first flight and I look forward to seeing any photos .

    (((hugs))) X X

  • Gaz

    well done Sara (and the CComp team)
    QVC USA is online only I think in the UK - must remember to find out and watch!!

  • Ann Charles

    best wishes,you are showing my Faves!

  • Marialice Klein

    So happy that you will be on our side of the pond. Looking forward to seeing your great products on QVC and happy to learn they will start carrying craft items again.

  • Stephanie George

    Congrats! I will have to remember to watch! Great samples.

  • bernie williams

    have a wonderful time ,does that mean you will be on QVC.UK...later on? they seem to follow each other.have a safe and lovely time x

  • Christien Coppenrath
    Christien Coppenrath 24th February 2014 at 11:27 pm

    wishing you all the best and lots of succes, enjoy your time off with or without snow. Love and kisses to Simon and Oliver

  • Dawn

    Looking forward to the pics Sara, safe journey x

  • Pat Hopkins

    Sarah, That is brilliant, an opportunity not tobe missed and a little holiday foryou all as well. You are taking great items and the spectrum noirs will go down fantastic. Have a lovely time xxx

  • Sandra Dry

    Congratulations on your QVC gig! Fantastic. The samples look amazing. Loving the scrapbook pages. Good Luck Sara xx

  • Susie

    Wow going over to the USA, Oliver 1st flight. You all take care, take lots of pict's. Keep warm, take a hot water bottle! You can warm the pram, then take it out. It's very cold over there.

    QVC, USA will love you! Will try to watch it go out, if they still allow us watch online. Keep safe. xxx

  • Kev Smith

    Hi Sara, As you know Sharon, I and the kids moved to the States (Michigan) recently and we both look forward to seeing you on the television. I am sure Sharon will be looking to continue to fill her crafty stash now that I have furnished her new craft room in our new home. Take care when you come over and will see you soon. Kev & Sharon xx

  • Cynthia W

    Wonderful opportunity to visit the USA and be on QVC. Have a safe journey. Love the samples. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Take care and enjoy yourself.

  • Jan Buckley

    Wow what a fabulous opportunity Sara, you would have been mad not to have taken them up on this, besides it will be a great excuse for you and Simon to spend some quality time with Oliver, just the three of you. Have a safe journey and most of all have fun, make sure to remind us when to tune in! xxx

  • Judi

    Great opportunity Sara but please say you won't leave Create and Craft in this country

  • Leonie

    Hi Sara
    What a great opportunity. You deserve it I know you put such an effort into everything you do and your team do too. Does this mean we won't be getting all our create & craft shows in the future boo hoo.
    I hope everything goes well for you and that Oliver is good on his first flight I am sure he will be fine.
    Take care and good luck xx

  • Penny

    Wow great to see your taking the American market by storm. Well done you and show the Americans that we 'Brits' are just as good at crafting as they are (maybe even better but then I'm bias), Hope you have a wonderful time and Oliver has a fab time on his first trip abroad with mummy and daddy.
    Enjoy xx

  • kath perry

    What fantastic opportunity!!! Congrats on being chosen though really not a big surprise as crafters companion are such a fantastic company!!! They ate lucky to have you and the team!
    Glad you've got Simon and oliver with you hope you get to have some nice down time between shows. I'm sure I won't b the only 1 saying well b watching wishing u well!
    The samples look fantastic as usual!
    Have a wonderful time and safe journey home.
    Best wishes to all xxx

  • Shirley

    I hope this doesn't mean that you will be deserting Create and Craft/ Ideal World. Ideal World and their loyal customers is what really enabled your start in the crafting business. However good luck.

  • Julie Turpin

    Congratulations Sara, what an opportunity have a safe Trip & I'm sure you'll do well, not as if TV fazes you lol, you'll do Great, I'm really pleased for you. Xxx,

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