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Club Inspire

Member of the Month: March 2014

We are so pleased to introduce Frances Rees, our Member of the Month for March 2014!


Read a bit about her in her own words:

Hello lovely crafters, I'm so very proud to be awarded Member of the Month!

Im a single Mum, 40, of four amazing children, 14yrs, 11yrs and my twins are 6 yrs now.

Sadly I've been really ill since 2001 after surgery to remove my gall bladder left me with terrible nerve damage and in constant pain.

Crafting had been a hobby as a teenager, but it wasnt until early 2000 that I took up cardmaking. When I started watching Create & Craft all those years ago, I saw Jayne Nestorenko demonstrating Medallion and Treasure Box stamps; and something really clicked! I was hooked from then on.

Investing in a pink pig heatgun, stamps, inks and embossing powders I made some Treasure Boxes of my own. My love of stamping grew and developed from then on. However even now my Treasure Boxes are admired by lots of friends for how really unique they are.

Along that early journey Crafter's Companion started and I purchased the first version of the Ultimate board. It's even still stored in the posh purple bag it came in. Its used so much to make boxes and especially enveloboxes for very special cards.

2007 saw a real decline in my health after the birth of my twins, sadly, and working hasn't been an option since then. Crafting definately became a lifeline, more than my hobby, my solace from the pain. I very often even crafted from my hospital bed, colouring and cutting items I had already prepared.

Difficult family circumstances in September 2009, left my eldest daughter, Seren, my only Carer when she was just 9 yrs old. She looks after everything at home including her siblings. But she's also an outstanding student at school, taking two GCSE's two years early! I'm very proud of her.

Young Carers, part of Swindon Carers; Charity Reg no. 1061116; ( stepped in to offer her support and guidance in 2009.

Seren is now one of the highest graded Young Carers in Swindon and was recently invited to be a member of their Forum, the 'voice of Young Carers in Swindon'.

It is vital that the profile of Young Carers is raised. These children are unsung heroes, bravely dealing with challenges most adults wouldn't manage.

This is why the Charity deserves our attention and help with fundraising so they can carry on being a lifeline to these children. It was therefore an easy decision to see if i could start selling my cards to raise funds for them.

So I've got a nice crafting area in my bedroom now and I'm always designing new cards. Each one of mine is unique. Stamping and embossing are still my favourites, but I enjoy gilding flakes and distressing inks. My cards have a definite vintage feel to them.

I've used Facebook since September 2013 to create the platform to reach people, and I've sold many cards in that short time. I've got two official collection pots in the house and I'm so pleased by how heavy they are getting! I've been so touched by everyone's kindness and support. But theres always more to do.

My Facebook page is Peace of Dreams Cards.

Many thanks. Peaceful wishes.

Frances xx

8 thoughts on “Member of the Month: March 2014”

  • Jan Saunders

    Congratulations, I was last months member of the month & it really does give you a great feeling doesn't it. Amazing how a life change through bad health brings out our crafting. it really does help when you are in pain. Your daughter sounds amazing, bless her. Wishing you & your family a better life in the future..xx

  • Carol Simpson

    Congratulations Frances, I'm living in Salisbury at the moment but am moving to Swindon in August. Do you know if there are any craft clubs in Swindon.

  • Mandy

    Congratulations Frances very well deserved. I found your story very touching, bless you, how lucky you are to have such an amazing and supportive young daughter fair play to her and congratulations to her for still being able to achieve such good grades 2 years earlier than she should have, wow. Keep up the good work both of you as you sound like outstanding ladies. Best wishes to you and your family and hope things will improve for you in the future xx

  • Frances Rees

    Thank you Jan xxx its been a real honour to win and im still quite shocked! :0) im looking forward to a fun month and i hope a few people join me on my facebook page; maybe some new commissions to help me raise extra funds too.

    Congratulations on your member of the month too.... and trust youre keeping in good health right now.

    Many thanks xxx Frances..

  • Stacy Cuff

    I met Frances just a short time ago and I was amazed at the beautiful items she makes and the creations she unfolds. Finding out that she struggles with many of the same physical issues that i do, I was even more inspired by her. She creates light and beauty when she is in pain, uses her creativity when stressed and uses these gifts not just as a lifeline for herself, or as fundraising for Carers but also to reach people over a half a world away, in the U.S., to spread her talent and gifts to those people there. I am honored to know her and still am in awe of her talents. She definitely deserves this award and I am so happy for her!

  • Anne Hill

    Frances what an inspirational testimony, I hope you continue to have many good days to enjoy your crafting and keep the good work for the young careers group.
    Take care Anne x

  • Karen P

    Hi Frances - congratulations on being Member of the Month, I was picked one month last year and it really helped me because I was able to get more card for the charity cards I make.
    I am always amazed at how many of us started out crafting to divert our mind from whatever pain we suffer from. I am not surprised you are proud of your daughter - she sounds like an outstanding young lady.
    Wish you all the best for the future Karen P x

  • Frances Rees

    Oh my gosh....i cannot believe youve all left me such kind messages. Im very teary right now... xxx bless you all so much xx

    Stacy, my wonderful friend from the USA, your words mean so much, have touched me so deeply...youre a wonderful friend who also struggles through her pain to create amazing jewellery.... lots of love xxxx

    Thank you also for your messages for my daughter... i cannot begin to tell you how wonderful she is. To be my sole Carer since 9 yrs old. To do everything a parent have to dial 999 many many times over the years for me... yet still achieve outstanding grades in school. To sit two GCSE's two years early...i love her very much.

    Please help me raise money for Swindon Young thank them for supporting Seren and her other Young Carers. Xxxx

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