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Meet the New Design Team!

We're thrilled to introduce you to the new design teams for Crafter's Companion! The applications we received we re nothing short of amazing, and it was a very difficult decision.

Leann shared this about the process on her blog:

"I do want to do first is say a massive and extremely heart-felt thank you to each and every one of you who applied to be part of our Design Teams. The quality of the applications, wealth and breadth of talent simply was outstanding and made the job of choosing a very very difficult one for the selection panel. It has taken them so long to reach a decision because it was very hard to separate you all, it was such a close run thing, eventually we had to run a silent ballot – a bit like the elections to keep it fair and unbiased, it took us longer than hoped to do all the counting, and double-checking, but the result we can be very proud to say was those with the most votes were selected."
So, here are the ladies who will make up the Main Crafter's Companion Design Team (click on their names to visit their blogs!):

Margaret Brown (returning)
Pam Leng (returning)
Caroline Weir (returning)
Donna Ferguson (returning)
Debbie Fisher (returning)
Bianca Shervington (returning)
Linda Hill (returning)
Laura Williams (returning)
Mandy Taylor (returning)
Tracey Branscombe (returning)
Claire Simpson (returning)
Angela Blaney
Debbie James
Joey McKelvey
Carole Davis
Donna Marie Attwood
Karen Foy
Kay Carley
Kitty Frampton
Laura Bradley
Liz Jones
Lyndsey Turner
Marie Jones
Nicole Bretherick
Rachel Webber
Sarah Jayne Brown
Tracy Freeman
Victoria Plowman Render
Zuzanna Obert

And the Die'sire Design Team (click on their names to visit their blogs!):

Sharon Callis (returning)
Tina Theis (returning)
Donna Ferguson (returning)
Kathy Black (returning)
Debbie Fisher (returning)
Becky Skinner
Claire Murphy
Debbie Sheridan Wood
Jane Ayres
Liz Walker
Mel Jess

Stop by Leann's blog for a slideshow of some of the gorgeous pieces all of these ladies created for this call - you will love their work!

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