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Club Inspire

Member of the Month: April 2104

This month we have a whole group as our 'Member of the Month'! Read on to find out more about the Mayflower Friends, Parents & Teachers Association!

Greetings fellow crafters!

Well, never in my life would I have expected to be nominated for "Member of the Month" by anyone and yet, here it is! Thank you so much!

To be fair though, it's not just me that this award is for, but a small group of us. We are called "The Mayflower Friends, Parents & Teachers Association" (FPTA). We're based in our local primary school, volunteering our spare time and resources to organize various events and clubs for the children such as Discos, Bake Sales, After-School Clubs and various annual celebrations.

It's hard work and we rarely find ourselves with nothing in the pipeline, so to speak, but the feedback we get from the children and parents makes it all worthwhile.

In a recent meeting, it was raised that some of the after-school clubs had ended for one reason or another, one of which was a Craft Club. I was immediately keen to start another one and ideas started zipping through my head faster than I could write them on paper!

Outside of the meeting, I discussed the old Craft Club with another member just to try and get a feel for what used to be done and what I could now try out.

Since joining the FPTA last September, I had been offering my skills as a lifetime crafter to help with the work that we do at the school, making posters, treasure maps, programs, cards and coming up with various ideas that could bring something new to the table. So everyone had seen the sort of things I could make and do.

In turn, I was asked if I would like to start the new Craft Club and I jumped at the chance! ^_^

I was very keen to get the children hooked into craft as it can be an amazing outlet for them. It can also be an incredible boost to their confidence, especially when told that "There's no such thing as Right or Wrong in craft. It's whatever you want it to be!" ^_^

I'm also a strong believer that in order to get something right, you have to make a few mistakes first. These sorts of sayings are brilliant for increasing confidence.

Another reason for the Club is to engage the children from our in-house Support Center for children with Additional Needs. Arts and Crafts are, in my opinion, an essential outlet for these children as it can help them to express themselves in new ways, especially for those with Communication needs.

Our club isn't just for the children though, oh no! I want to get the parents and local community involved too!

Craft is getting more popular every day. It's a fantastic therapy for all ages and can be such an amazing stress relief. Not to mention the great sense of achievement you get when you finish a project. ^_^

It's great being able share something I love and get an immense amount of enjoyment from with our local community and hope that we can continue to do so for many years to come!

I would like to extend the FPTA's heartfelt gratitude to Crafter's Companion for this award, and also for the generous donation they made to help get our Craft Club on its way, Thank you! <3 Sending Crafty Hugs to all! Heather and the Mayflower FPTA xxx

3 thoughts on “Member of the Month: April 2104”

  • Clare Pomfrett
    Clare Pomfrett 1st April 2014 at 9:52 am

    Hi Heather and friends,

    What a wonderful job you all do, as a nana to a little boy who begins school this year it's good to know that there are ladies like you who give up your own time to run these clubs.

  • Jan Saunders

    Well done Heather & your group.
    I am a past member of the month & like you never expected to be asked. Gives you a great lift doesn't it.
    Crafting with Children always gives a great feeling. Seeing their little faces light up when they have made something is something that money cannot buy.
    Well done, a well deserved winner.

  • Karen P

    Congrats Heather - it is a lovely and unexpected bonus. The people behind the scenes at CC are as lovely as they seem on TV.
    Your club sounds wonderful and must be great for the kids Karen x

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