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Craftasmic colourist workshops!


I'm over the moon about these new colourist workshops that our retail partner, Craftasmic, is hosting! Their support for Spectrum Noir is so fantastic, and piloting a scheme for training colourists in advanced colouring skills to a high level is beyond tremendous!

I've had a few pictures through that our Lorna took when she attended the first day of these workshops, and it looks like everyone had an amazing time. You can see loads of pictures and more information on this course over on the Spectrum Noir blog today... go check that out here:

I'm looking forward to seeing more workshops from Craftasmic in the future... they're even talking about creating some for our blendable pencils! On a personal note, I'm so grateful to James and his team at Craftasmic for all the work they've done in promoting the Spectrum Noir Accreditation Program. We hope this is a start of many such events around the country from our various retail partners!

If you're attending these workshops, leave me a note and let me know how much you love it!

Sara xx

11 thoughts on “Craftasmic colourist workshops!”

  • Pippa Price

    I was there! It was fantastic, almost time for the next one and I can't wait!

  • Di Sixsmith

    Hi I'm currently on the colourist course at craftasmic, I am loving it and am so looking forward to the next one next week x the spectrum noir colouring system is excellent and I am enjoying using them

  • Kathie tanner

    Hi Sara
    I did my first workshop with Craftasmic last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I learned so much in just three hours ...and can't wait till the next one in a few weeks time
    Spectrum noir is an awsome product and I have been practicing at home ...I'm Also finding it vetry relaxing
    After a stressful day at work I can loose myself in " my couloring in" techniques.

  • Chrissie Duncton
    Chrissie Duncton 3rd April 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Just to say what a great workshop James ran for the first part of our 'colouring' sessions. Learnt so much from him and yes, I'm practising every spare moment I have. Can't wait for session number 2 in a couple of weeks time. X

  • Julie Woolston

    Wow that sound fantastic Sara, the colouring created from these brilliant pens is amazing, It would be great if we had some on the Island one day. I would imagine these workshops are going to prove a success and will build from strength to strength.

    Hugs Julie xxxx

  • carolyn Letch

    Well this sounds great,'I'm not great at colouring with either pens or pencils, so these workshops will come in handy, hopefully they will be going around in each town. I live near Colemans warehouse in Rushden, so bringing them to the warehouse would be ideal.

  • Jane Turner

    HI Sara, first of all congrats on your new baby boy. I spent a wonderful afternoon yesterday in my second lesson, the time just goes so quickly and I feel so much more confident now with my colouring, not only about choosing complimentary colours thanks to your clever way of numbering and your selections but also to the excellent tutorials given by James. I feel I have wasted so much time and been so frustrated in trying to teach myself! Now I'm on the right track and can't wait for my next lesson.

    Thank you for supporting us in the South West!


  • Alma

    Hi Sarah, can't wait to have a try of these pens as I've had mine since the end of last year but haven't had a go of them yet!

    I would also like to say how disappointed I'am upon learning that you are no longer stocking the 16 x 16 centura pearl card, this was my favourite ever and used a lot to make 8 x 8 cards which are also my favourite size card base. I'm at the end of my stockpile and was just about to order another £60 worth and BANG out of luck, don't know what I'm going to do now? Very sad :-(

    If you happen to have any of the old stock left and could let me purchase it i would be most grateful?

    Have a good Family Easter xxx

  • Chrissie

    Hi Sara
    I'm attending the course at Craftasmic and I'm really pleased with what I have learnt so far, James is a great tutor, the Spectrum Noir pens are fabulous and give such good results. Two more classes to go and hopefully I'll pass the Accreditation!

  • steph pennell

    is ther any of these colouristworkshops going to be held in or around staffordshire (tamworth area) i have the full set of the older version of pens and not the new gen i would love to know more on how to use the inserations mag is fab though many thanks hope baby is ok

  • claire elizabeth seddon

    hi I am new to stamping I have all the sn pens but haven`t a clue were to start is there any classes near Oldham in Lancashire our nearest city is Manchester thank you so much love Claire x

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