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Club Inspire

Pop Up Box Card Tutorial

Several of our designers have been sharing 'pup up box cards' lately, and a few fans on our Facebook page have asked for a tutorial. Design team member Joey McKelvey sat down this past weekend and created one for you!


What you will need -
Ultimate Board and score tool
Card which measures 11 inches by 5 1/2 inches - Joey used Centura pearl
Collall All Purpose Glue

See these items on our website:

Now see how to make a pop-up box card of your own: 



Step 1

Open your Ultimate Board up to the middle section - so you are working with the box side.Take your cardstock and line up along the butt of the board on the inches/box lid side. SCORE on the 5th line, Move your card along so the scored line is now on the butt and score the 5th line again.


Step 2

REPEAT this until you have 4 score lines in total - the last panel will be narrower (thats for your adhesive)


Step 3

Turn your cardstock, and score along the 5th line again, score the first 3 PANELS, and the last narrow panel, leave the 4th one unscored


Your card will look like this.


Step 4

Now take your cardstock and scissors - SNIP the score lines down to the middle, and cut away a piece of the narrow strip - make sure you cut these from the shortest half (you will see - from when you turned your card that one side is longer than the other)


Step 5

Burnish all your score lines and add Collall All-Purpose glue to the narrow strip.


Step 6

Construct your box and stick this to the inside.


Step 7

Next take a strip of paper and place it on your Ultimate board - you need to score along the 1st, 6th and 7th lines, cut along the 7th line, you will need to make TWO of these strips


Step 8

Fold your strips into a "Z" - this means folding each end over in the opposite direction


Step 9

Add Collall All-Purpose glue to these and slot them into your box, it does not matter the distance you stick these, whatever you are happy with


* You will need to let your box dry then you can fold it flat - and the fun part you can decorate however you like!

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