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Club Inspire

Scruffy Little Cat: Chanel Cushion

Design team member Sarah Jayne made an absolutely fantastic project for the upcoming Scruffy Little Cat launch this Friday on Create and Craft TV!

Chanel cushion watermarked

We asked her to share a bit about how she made this fantastic pillow with the Scruffy Little Cat CD and our fabric transfer paper:

1. Choose your image. I decided I wanted a larger image so added it into Microsoft word.

2. I reversed the image (as when you iron it on it reverses) & printed out on best print setting.

3. I chose two colours of fabric; I used a 14” x 14” Cushion & wanted more white fabric showing than black so lay them down & cut the fabric so it was 1 inch wider than my cushion pad.

4. I used a normal household sewing machine to sew the white & black fabrics up the centre & hemmed the top & bottom of the length of fabric.

Cushion Template

5. I wanted to make an envelope opening so placed the cushion on the fabric & measured around the cushion as show in template & cut to size.

6.Decide where your transfer will go & heat your iron for a few minutes until it reaches high temperature & iron the transfer on. Leave till cool and peel of the backing.

7. Now place fabric right side up & fold fabric as in template & sew along two outer edges.

8. Turn inside out & add your pillow pad.

The image I used can be found on Scruffy Little Cat CD. Under 'Embellishments design no 3'. I put it into Microsoft Office to enlarge.

Be sure you're watching Leann Chivers this Friday from midday on Create and Craft TV!

7 thoughts on “Scruffy Little Cat: Chanel Cushion”

  • melissa flynn
    melissa flynn 7th May 2014 at 10:06 pm

    I totally adore this idea i cant wait to show it to my sewing class on Monday we are going to have such fun with her idea

  • norma amies

    I can't wait till we can buy the stamps!!!!!

  • Sandra Woodburn
    Sandra Woodburn 11th May 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Love this idea can't wait 2 get my cd gonna make these for my bridesmaids , can you tell me how you take it into Microsoft word as I would like them bigger a s well x

  • Sarahjayne

    Sandra Woodburn.... To get the image into word.... If the cd opens automatically close the Cd programme. Click on "my computer" then double click Scruffy little cat & you will see a list of files. Double click Data, The image I used was "Embellishments folder design 2" double click the image & it should open in windows photo viewer. Right click, copy & paste into Microsoft word. When I then see the image in word I automatically double click it & then click" text wrapping" & chose the option to "In front of text" then you are able to crop & resize & be able to move it around the page to where you want to print. You can also use the sentiments on the disc or write your own in word but if you do don't forget to reverse the image before printing which is "Rotate & flip Horizontal" This Cd was fantastic how it let me resize the images without pixelating not all cds let you do this on a small image. Have fun & share your work on the Crafters Companion facebook page so I can take a peek.

  • carrie Taylor

    Hi, I love the cd , but I have tried for 8 hours to try do the image, I can get the whole page to word, but cannot separate the images to make one larger , so I can make a cushion for my granddaughter .can someone explain how to do it please, I am getting ready to chuck the lot in the rubbish

    • Sarahjayne

      Carrie Taylor... The whole image will go into word you have to right click the image & select crop, you can then crop out the other images to be left with just the one you want. When you have just the image you like, right click & select text wrapping (click in front of ) this will allow you to move the image anywhere you like on the page. Hope this helps.

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