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Club Inspire

A stitch in time creates lasting memories

photo 1

We received THE most amazing gift from the lovely and talented Sue McClelland recently, and I had to share it here with you! She's one of our customers, but she and her husband have also become great friends of ours over the years.

photo 2

I sent her a family pic just before Christmas, and she spent the next four months working on this briliant cross stitch in the evenings and on weekends when her shop was quiet or closed.

photo 3

I've been looking for a frame for it now for a few weeks and I chose this one because it was large so it really has some presence in the room.

photo 4

I carefully chose where to put it - I wanted somewhere where everyone who visited the house would see so the obvious place was the kitchen!

From a distance you just see the picture and think it's a photo, but then as you get closer you can see it's cross stitch and the hours of work that have gone into it (Sue said approx 100 hours!).

I'm ever so grateful for this tremendous family memory she's given to us - it's brilliant!

You can follow Sue on Twitter at @CraftersCorner (click here to go to her page: to see what she's up to at her shop!

Sara xx

20 thoughts on “A stitch in time creates lasting memories”

  • Julie Woolston

    Wow Wow Wow what an amazing gift Sara, it is absolutely stunning, I can see how many hours have gone into it I have done cross stitch and it does take a while to do such a large project, I would say this is the best gift anyone could have, it truly is amazing
    Hugs Julie xxx

  • Lynn (delphinoid)

    Such an amazing gift! It's absolutely beautiful!

    Sue has done an amazing job and it's gonna be something you will all treasure forever.

    Take care. (((hugs))). X X

  • Bren

    thats amaseing xxxx

  • Myra willis

    That is just beautiful one to be treasured I'm sure

  • sheila macpherson
    sheila macpherson 26th June 2014 at 3:40 pm

    wow that is amazing .. brilliant xx

  • Monica Knight

    What a beautiful present. Made with love I'm surrender I'm certain you all love it sara.

  • Monica Knight

    Sorry, I got the words a bit mixed up, meant I'm sure and--------------etc. lovely gift.

  • Winifred Kennedy
    Winifred Kennedy 26th June 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Its beautiful. I used to cross stitch a lot and I can appreciate the hard work that has gone into making that picture.

  • Wendy L

    AMAZING so talented. xxx

  • Elaine

    Wow I have done this type of project before. It takes ages but looks stunning. You have a very good friend who has made you such a precious gift.

    Sara take one of Oliver's first outfits and get it framed in a box frame. I have a set of IVF twins and I needed to buy premature baby outfits for them , these outfits are in box frames on my bedroom wall.

    Andrew and Stephanie are now 21 and it is hard to believe they were ever that small.

  • Gillian

    Wow! that is beautiful

  • Irene Dewey

    A beautiful gift, very thoughtful

  • Fiona Whelan

    Stunning - what a lovely gift to receive as a cross stitcher (as well as a crafter) I can appreciate the time it has taken for Sue to create this. You've all got a very special friend :)

  • elaine ward

    looks lovely in the frame, i was one of the lucky ladies that have watched
    the cross stich in progress, i have been going to sue's shop for her weekly card courses for over 10 yrs. Sue has enjoyed making you this gift. you have chosen a brill frame to set it off too.

  • Aileen Evans

    What a beautiful present, I am a cross stitcher so I know how many hours were spent on this picture. This will be a treasure to be passed down through the family for years to come. How lucky you are.

  • Angie Chinnasami
    Angie Chinnasami 1st July 2014 at 6:45 pm

    The most precious moment together! Captured in a delightful cross stitch picture. The beautiful threads that have been painstaking chosen
    with care have brought the whole moment to reality. Well done to Sue. Sara only you can treasure something so beautiful
    the two close males in your life and yourr family are most probably overjoyed I am sure for certain. Enjoy this pic whenever you need a lift in a stressful day!
    Angie Chinnasami
    South Africa

  • Anne Hill

    A true work of heart for you all. It really is beautiful and a keepsake for ever.

  • Anne Hill

    I did mean a gift from the heart not ART.....stunning.

  • Doreen

    it's so beautiful and was obviously a labour of love it made me cry .

  • june stackhouse
    june stackhouse 9th May 2015 at 1:12 pm

    what a fantastic gift its a treasure that will go down from generation to generation

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