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Club Inspire

Tutorial: Cutting Stamps

We've gotten a few questions about how to cut apart rubber stamps, so we turned to our fabulous design team and asked them to shwo you how they do it! Joey is sharing a fabulous tutorial today:


Step 1: Take your chosen stamp sheet and a sharp pair of scissors.


Step 2: I start at the top corner and cut close to the stamp.


Step 3: I leave a few mills gap all the way around.


Step 4: I like to round the corners off once I have cut the stamp away from the sheet


Step 5: I then work my way down the sheet, cutting the same as the above steps.


Step 6: When they are so close together, I try to leave them till last, and cut straight through the middle, you can shape them better once they are apart.


Step 7: PLEASE IGNORE my extremely mucky stamp block - Rock a Blocks are on my Christmas list! Take some Stick and Spray and spray the back of one of your stamps, stick this to your stamp block.


Step 8: Ink your stamp!


Step 9: Stamp away!

To see the products mentioned in this tutorial, click any of the pictures below:

One thought on “Tutorial: Cutting Stamps”

  • Karen

    How do you store the stamps when you've cut them out? Mine are just in a sandwich bag with the
    Picture from the original packaging so I know what stamps should be in there, however as you can imagine this isn't ideal. Can you let me know what C.C would suggest.
    Many thanks,

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